what really happened to Klist?

nani anajua?

Mimi… Just ask me nicely.

GoDaddy would not host wanderi again even after appealing severally.
He had it coming

wapi dots za green na yellow @old monk??

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supu da mod is here… hehe

Wewe shemale?

@Supu AKA THUFU tuambie… juu hii kijiji ni tamu kuliko klist

wanderi ako holiday

I would love to know the answer to that

Hio avatar…weweeee!!!
Anyway as per K/lost, hiyo yalipita, tukalia machozi and we moved on…I suggest you do that too. Hii kijiji is much better than klost(and am not saying that coz am a mod). Remember the virus, malware, and funny ads on klost?? No to mention wanderi’s indifference?
Karibu sana @Swt Bee

@Ka-Buda: Karibu Kaka. Your escapade stories and Domes were very entertaining… Na Tuenderee hivo hivo hapa papa

Hapa naona vita ya thufu na zarina haiko mbali…wacha nitafute popcorns

Klost center became so dense as a result the force of gravity increased a millon times in a matter of seconds forming a black hole.my two cents;)


Refund the money i have just spent on popcorns and bundles

Asking nicely: Supu what happened to the village?

me najua @Megan told me errthing

Megan ni nani tena?

We, severally does not mean several times. Get your shit right.

There used to be a cow called sheyvonne, dumb as fuck.Asijue tuko hapa.

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hii kingereza sii ya mama yako bana!

True, but I’ll be damned if I let you sodomise the language the way you are attempting to. Unless it is your Mother’s.

Oh, and its “HIKI Kiingereza SI CHA…” nice try though.