What Podcasts do you listen to?

In an era where villagers Kawasaki at every opportunity they get when they are not doing it what podcasts do they listen to?Some podcasts I find them educative while others entertaining…let’s share the podcasts y’all are listening to.
Zangu ni: Intelligence square debates ( I have learnt a lot from the debates)
Public lectures and events
BBC earth discovery
Arsenal vision podcasts ( intelligent analysis about the games)

Drink champs https://tidal.com/Drinkchamps

BBC newsnight podcasts. I get to catch up with the overall news and listen to different personalities. I love watching the Brexit dramas at the House of Commons hapa as I and many others are so tired of watching those overgrown children 24/7.

  • Come dine with me. The participants are not trained chefs but can cook and host you under the table.
  • A place in the sun. People buying homes in sunnier climes to escape the harsh UK weather.

How I Built This with Guy Raz - podcast poa ya innovators, entrepreneurs, idealists, and the stories behind the movements they built.

These are the ones I listen to as I walk to school:-

Revisionist History
Dan Carlin Hardcore History
BBC From Our Own Correspondent
BBC World Book Club
NPR Planet Money
NPR Hidden Brain
This American Life
My Favorite Murder

Not to sound comical, what’s a podcast? Nipe website yao.

BBC2 radio

Languages podcast. Thanks to it, I now speak Spanish, Russian and Italian.

Its like radio, only you get to choose what to listen to and what time. Unavaa earphones and stream as you drive, work, exercise…
E.g what topic do you like reading or listening about, nione kama I can recommend a good podcaat

JRE & hotboxin with Mike, God tier.

Sante shocks. I love history about Africa

Kuchunishwa kales

Kijana nimeona una moto mingi sana mpaka umefungua thread kutusi elders . Fanya hivo enda ukunywe I’ll send you a paybill

Kumbe tuko wengi!!!

Which is your fav?

crime junkie
Joe rogan
stown (very nice)
staff you should know
newyork times
behind the bastards

In our time or Wake up to money.

Woi, hio ni ngumu kiasi since there aint alot of african content, but for general history, anza na hardcore history podcast

The dollop, I like their humour