What next for Kenya... Secession, Nusu mkate? Opinion yenu wakubwa.

Summary is below. Last paragraph. Hahaha

I need your opinion wakubwa. What do you think will happen to Kenya in the next few days? All are welcome, kwanza UOTP, I want to hear your side of view.

NASA is of course going to court to argue on the fresh elections dates. If they they win the case , the next 3 months will be full of politics, demonstrations, violence and press conferences. 3 months are a long time and IEBC might accept their demands by then since 3 months is enough time to find another printer and train new officers. This is assuming that the demos will not have turned violent and the international community intervened.

If elections are held on 26th, it will depend on if Raila Odinga will have accepted to be on the ballot. If he won’t, the elections will mean nothing. More demo’s and violence. The international community will have to be involved. The next option is secession or a coalition government.

If by a miracle Raila accepts to be on the ballot on 26th, the election will happen. And here I will assume he loses, will he concede? Will his supporters accept the results? This is very unlikely. He has shown not to give a rat’s ass about the international community. I forsee more demo’s, violence, talks then secession or a coalition government.

Summary. What happens

  • If on 26 Raila doesn’t accept election even though on ballot
    -if he accepts on 26 and loses
    -if he wins in court that elections r after 90days
    -if he loses in the ‘after 90 days’ elections? Will he accept results? Will his supporters accept? Very unlikely
    -if he wins, God save us all.
    (I foresee a mixture of demo’s and violence will erupt. The international community will have to get involved if Uhuru doesn’t agree to talks. And then a possibility of a coalition govt or secession.)

hakuna nusu mkate.tulia

no nusu mkate! the whinning of that RAT baby babu those days of nusu choo is still ringing in my ears

nusu mkate

What is this ‘international community’ you people like talking about? Russia? India? China? Brazil? Pakistan? Nigeria? (those 6 carry almost 3/4 of the world’s people).

And pray, why hasn’t that ‘international community’ intervened in Yemen, Congo, Somalia, S. Sudan, Spain, etc etc?

I think brain-washed Africans give too much credit to their former colonisers…

There will be on elections on 26th

No single person has such powers in the world

Negative, say it again,ova.

I think the only option nasa has are the courts, but that seems to be slowly moving away from them since I don’t see the court going back on their order to have elections within 60 days annulled, that said my biggest worry is not elections being held, I believe that will happen but the sc annulling the elections again.

The sc will not want to look stupid by making a contradictory decision when the petition comes to them again, and to be honest I don’t see much changing in the transmission of results and in ‘opening’ servers, whatever the latter means - and that will be worse for the economy. As for the demos, nothing will come out of that, unless nasa manages to convince guys in western at the coast and in ukambani to join in, as long as it seems only one region is demonstrating nothing much will be achieved.

There will be on elections on 26th

Please elaborate
Let us be honest here, If Raila Odinga won’t accept election or the results, Kenya’s goose will be cooked. He controls a very large % of people. 6.5M according to IEBC & 8.4M according to him. 400K of 800K of those in Nairobi r willing to put their lives on the line. All they need to do is hold violent demo’s, of course some will die & their death mortality numbers will increase till the UN responds. Remember that Raila is a master at playing victim. Right now, apart from The Economist & NYT, international media paints Raila as an oppressed hero who is saving ALL Kenyans from the grip of a dictatorial demagogue. It is the reason he is in UK right now giving a speech on Democracy!!! He can do whatever he wants & still play victim & everybody accepts it as the gospel truth.

ati international community. that phrase is losing meaning very fast. it is no longer easy to bully “small nations”

Raila controls a negligible percentage. Ukiondoa Wakamba na Wacoast, atabaki na nani?

Uhuru is and will definitely be the worst president ever. It is simple. You claim you won elections, courts annulled your win reason being the way the results were handled. The guys who then messed your victory are the IEBC, but you defend them. Any sane human living can see who’s playing the dirty game here, including a class 2 kid.
NASA supporters claim the election was rigged. Leave luo nyanza alone, truth be told, there is a lot of resentment and anger among all nasa supporters. They may not go to streets or you may use police to suppress them, but they are angry, very angry and you can also see them around. Note that, outside there, you’re dealing with frustrated youths, low lifes like coldpilner who can burn your ass simply because you belong to uthamaki tribe.

Uhuru may win on 26th but that doesn’t mean Nasa supporters will be satisfied. We already hate each other but this will only lead to fueling the hate for each other. As much as we claim the elections are free and fair, let them be seen to be free and fair to everyone hii shida ituondokee. There is no sense in ruling a country in which half of the polulation is full of resentment and hate. 2013 akuna mtu alirusha mawe. Odinga claimed kimeibiwo but didn’t have any evidence to back his claims and hence his supporters kept cool.

And for fucks sake, Uhuru had 5 years to bring Kenya together, but the nigga has concentrated much of his energy on his reelection. We as a nation are more divided than never before.
And by the way, Kenya ni yetu sisi wote.

No Nusu mkate…alafu atatoklezea hivi!!

Kama hamtaki kuwa pamoja na wengine wataka mbembelezwe vipi? Na by the way, usiseme Wakenya wakati ukimaanisha Wajaluo!!!

The EU and US of course. They meddle because we are strategic in fighting alshabaab(6 years in Somalia). Look here. Trump’s admin cut military funding to every African country except Kenya. We are currently receiving the highest funding in Africa from US, a Trump’s administration. The US keeps pumping billions into our Health sector. USAID and UKAID pay most of our health bills. The EU also keeps pumping billions into our military.

All they need to do is stop and we shall be fucked. We may withdraw our army but our health sector will suffer.

Then again, have you heard of sanctions? Sudan has them. We can’t trade nor borrow money if we are on sanctions. That means no oil thus no car will move in Kenya. Sanctions are placed for political reasons and they will simply sanction us.

Bottom line is, there is no country that you mentioned which is actively being funded by EU, US into tunes of billions. The activities on those countries don’t necessarily affect US, EU unlike Kenya whose stability will affect all US, EU affiliated companies in EAST AFRICA

exactly. why do we hold elections if all the loser has to do is unleash violence and is then rewarded? we might as well declare that nusu mkate has been reserved indefinately for the mganga then only hold elections for the remaining nusu mkate.

it is better secession than nusu mkate. the circus will never end and business is going down with continuous politiking

I repeat, ELECTIONS SHOULD BE FAIR AND MUST BE SEEN TO BE FAIR. Nani uliona akileta fujo 2013?