What motivated him to #LiveThisLife?

Last week my uncle passed away. I first got the message from my younger by a phone call. I said “Ok”. Minutes later, my inbox flooded with messages, some condoling, others notifying. But was it any bombshell? It didn’t change my disposition… And for sometime, I kept worrying why I didn’t feel touched by his death.
Well, perhaps we don’t share much.
Uncle lived a very peculiar life. From my tender age, he has been living in a nearby market, making his daily bread from bicycle/motorbike repair. He never went home. In fact, throughout my life, it’s only two times when I saw him at home; during granny’s(his mother) funeral and another day when he came for a negotiation to sell a portion of his quarter hectare of inherited land. But I always saw him whenever I went to the market where he lived. Sometimes, especially when I was young, I would go to his house when mum sent me to the market, but he always pretended not to recognize the bond between him and I.
Now he’s gone, so I decided to go home and unite with family members for his burial. But things have become difficult. I have not been following this, but apparently, uncle sold all his land. A few relatives have been farming on his small portion. We all supposed that he had been leasing to them, now but they all claim that they bought it from him. Uncle lived an antisocial life. This can explain why we all are in darkness to judge on whether or not they bought it. And I don’t like following family issues amount the extended family, cause, apparently someone told 'em that I’m not one of their own, so they always subject me to that prejudice.
And we now have contribute, so we can purchase at least a 6by4 plot to have him laid.
Uncle hukuwa na bibi, but from rumors, he fathered a few kids na mama mwingine hapo jirani ya soko. This has always been circulating, but the lady lives at her father’s home with the kids as a single mother. But to some point I agree with this cause several times I saw this lady do some activities such as fetching water for him. And I have always found out that those kids reassemble my cousins. Eldest of the kids is a dude my age, others are girls in high school.
Maybe they know their father, or maybe it’s true that they’re my cousins.
We always meet but nobody ever talks about this. But, no. No. I think they do not know anything about this rumor. Cause I remember, when I was in high school one of the two girls was too much attracted to me. In fact I had several romantic appointments with her… On a new year she came home, so on that 31st Dec tulikesha pamoja, while others were in church… Lemmie see if they gonna attend his burial ceremony or otherwise, what happens with their mama, but unfortunately uncle had nothing to leave behind, only a modified bike which he used to ride to church 15 kilometers away.

such is life.
sasa serikali isaidie aje?

Pole kwa msiba. Each of us has their own question paper to life.

What is it with Africans being obsessed with burying their kin at home? Waste of land! The damn dead uncle knows nothing about your ferkin’ family feud. Cremate his body.

So he be moved from home to Lang’ata?

Live your own life as you’ve been doing. If you meet your cousins or other relatives, treat them as such. Nothing more. Reasons for your uncle not visiting home are best known to him. He’s now deceased. Hiyo stuff ya “wewe si mmoja wetu” wachana nayo coz your parentage is known.

I don’t think there’s motivation there…
Relatives as usual are scavengers… Of course they’ll take advantage… That aside, your late uncle didn’t have plans and if he did they weren’t good enough… Even introverts speak out somehow, in writing or something…
I think you’ll never figure out the facts, there are many sides to this…

@wenya can answer that one I find it hard to understand as well

@introvert report!!

Saidia where you can and just let yr cousins be… life is like that. RIP uncle and pole.


:smiley: Bado niko jo.
Pole kwa msiba @Illuminated .

Comes way back.soma biblia utajua

When my greatgrandfather died in 1932, he was buried in bungoma in a grandfarewell and my grandfather was the one to oversee on how he was to be buried. My grandfather followed later in 1988 and he was buried next to my great granddad and my father did the honors. When my father will follow, I’ll do the same thing and let him rest next to my grandfather and I’ll take pride in it.
Just when I was about to adopt a son to bury me( after trying for a boy since 90’s than a son i had with a primary sweetheart came along. I have never found peace in my life than knowing I have a son who will bury me next to my forefathers.I take pride in this and I’m not ashamed whatsoever. So to answer your question ‘You won’t know the importance of a culture unless you were born with it .’

Thanks to Skepticism! What if… What if you go before him?

My son will bury me. That’s why I was worried when I realised I had girls only and no boy . Luckily he found me in 2016.

Not last year as per your hekayas?

We met December last year when he came from America

@Ice_Cube, leta link ya @wenya wakati aligundua ako na kijana, mambo ya 2006 ni hekaya.