What killed Jimmy Wanderi?

Let the truth be said, the guy was very snobish and he is one man who thought he was better than everyone else. He despised, ignored, and was patronizing to those he considered inferior to him… He considered himself as doing everyone a favour and any slight questioning could be answered with a suspension… Its as if we breathed his oxygen… I joined Kleist in 2008 but I later on 2012 deactivated my account because I couldn’t understand his arrogance… He behaved as is he owed no one an explanation… Personaly I have never liked him and how he treated listers… So I have no reason to mourn him… The good part is with his death I hope kenyanlist will also die for ever… R.I.P all the same as we are also on the same journey.

Personally Wanderi was not the problem, shida ilikuwa the moderators who treated the site like their own. And am not saying All moderators were bad…they were only two very foolish ones namely supu and kile mwingine jakenya jaluo jingaa UN driver

I hope you dont speak at my funeral. The only reason you shouldnt speak ill of the departed is simply because they cannot defend themselves…haithuru…!!!


My special dedication song to the one and only the departed.

huyu ni supu original?!

nadah sio yeye…am trying to figure out who it is too lakini inakaa ni mtu alikuwa anateswa teswa kama mimi. Most likely nashuku ni Atwoli ama kimsee fulani alikuwa anaitwa Housefly.

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huyu ni TIG anajiongelesha

See this one now!!

After being excommunicated from Klist. @Javino ameshawahi onekana. He had crazy stories.

i suspect pia… lakini inakaa yeye lakini iyo hate yote… >_<

jerry acha nikusaidie juu inaonekana udetective umekushinda siku hizi.

huyu jamaa ni ule kwa facebook anaitwa Mugo Wa Wairimu. take his words, punctuations and line of reasoning and do a comparison. Jamaa bado yuko bitter juu ya ile life alipitia akiwa toii.

anataka revenge lakini hajui atatoa na nani.

Ah I opened an account on Klist sijui mwaka gani and I posted a pic of a fully dressed woman. Sijui what happened and the guy suspended my account on the spot. Sijui kama the woman alikuwa bibi yake ama. Ati sasa niapply for activation as if ananilipa kupost. I forgot the account and opened a new one na sikuwahi shughulika kupost saana kwa hiyo platform. I dont pretend to mourn watu sikuwa najua and wasnt even close to. I attend a neighbours burial but I never pretend to be in greif when am not. I also dont believe in resting in peace because after death bodies decompose. Again, ata mimi niko na websites and I dont think users there know me or would even bother come to my burial if i died.

Na kama ni moderators walikuwa wanadeactivate, why shouldnt you tell someone that you dont want some people to post anything or certain material. Again one post does not warrant suspension without even a warning. Although pia I noticed some moderator here also deleting posts she/he disagrees with without explanation. It just disappears and there is no notice that it was deleted. Sijui kama ni moderator ama ni admin.

about the website part, you and i should exchange ideas