What!!! just watch for yourselves and give feedback!!


Haiya ya ya ya ya ya… How can i get her no ? that guy is Disgust to the human being.

kabisa, even if you break up with someone you don’t humiliate them like that, and the chic kwani hajui she is very beautiful? she can get a much better guy out there

Huyo dame ni dry fry material, anapenda kupenda

@icecubes , those are my sentiments too, as a man you play it cool and you dont admit it lively, me i try to make it akae yeye ndie ameniachaa, but deep inside me i have no feelings

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That’s the nigga!!!

Women try to be desperate because of money.these hoes ain’t loyal.

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You guys should check out the niggas youtube channel…he is just one big pervert… ayayayayaya!!!

If a woman pull that off now you never go anywhere. She does not understand its a two way thing. If she stays the man will get abusive out of frustration.

n what were u looking for btw?

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hehehe I was looking for some good music mix to play…then I came across a video on pisces 3d club wet party(or something like that)…then i came across a video of a nairobi strip club, then i came across a video of koinange whores changing and then I came across one of that niggas video and from there I came across this particular video…Its a vicious cycle my friend, you find yourself in some funny corners of youtube without knowing


@The.Black.Templar unaenda side gani na bike this weekend


Good Music ----> Pisces 3D strippers wet party -----> Nairobi Strip Club -----> Koinange Whores Changing,

kweli Jaro Soja ulipotea njia uki cheki maneno kwa you tube

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Just made my day…asante

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When u see a kikuyu woman kneeling down b4 u and saying how much she loves u be very afraid…kuna kitu umepangiwa

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Sijajua bado…but depending on the weather and whether a certain lady atakuwa available…I was thinking of biking in Karura forest. I heard there is a water fall there nione kama nitawaletea cheki maneno ya huko :slight_smile:

imagine, I have wasted a whole two yours in that process

youtube ni noma. you start on some 90s hiphop mix kidogo kidogo ur watching mating giraffes. no idea how


yeah, I miss the former pisces 3d, it is not as glamorous now