What is your perception of Ugandan Girls? Walevi wako /Wapi? Thailand Tourist Guide

Oh first o all before this, my small siz alinichekeshanga sana…ati wako kwa catholic mass, pastor ako za may the lord be with you blabla…ilipofika time ya this is my blood, mbuyu fulani restless had had enough, alitoa beer kwa mfuko. kutoa lock!! Enyewe Kenyans tumejaribu…hahaha…at least alikuwa anaenda kutembelea mungu.
Wanasemanga Kenya is a leading tea producer worldwide but the men specifically have demonstrated a much stronger thirst for beer relative to tea. Ladies where are you? ? Ile IPAD ulitaka…vaa lingerie and bring your man a bottle of beer for breakfast , first thing in the morning Sunday before church. He will get for you anything you want hahaha. Kuna walevi wa beer na wa liquor, usually liquor to vijana, and beer to wazee wa kazi, petroli ya youthfulnes s ikianza kulemewa kupambana na liquor.
If you are an alcoholic wa liquor, never go spend a month in Thailand; you might simply never make your way out. Kazi na shughuli protect you normally, sasa pea kama iko timamu, na hakuna ofisi ya kwenda…kunathoka. Walevi wa liquor, how many of you see mashetani when you cut off the drinking? Mimi nilikuwa Thailand na wrestle na ma ghost na wagoroki.
Ugandan ladies so what is your verdict? How do you perceive them? Nice, respetful,…that’s what I thought until Iwent to Bangkok last year!!! Ati mlifikiria girlie girlies wa Ki KStreet ni aggressive. Ugandans put all of those to shame!!It was a good life. They had about 4 or 5 squadrons in the area I liked going on Sukhumvit., and they were rivals and enemies. So I exploited tthose schisms excellently. I at with a different group daily, and at the end of week, If you got stamina and don’g get too plastered; both difficult feats to achieve in Bangkok, you can easily run through 16 of them in a week.
My favorite was an “AFRICAN Bar” on Sukhumvit Soi 3(For those who are familiar with the area, Soi 4, famously known as “Nana Plaza” “Soi Cowboy” is right the other side of the road.
They used to have normal bars and clubs open till 2 or 3, and various street ones that went up to about 5 or 6AM, and for those wiht endurance, you then go to the Africcan Club. Theoretically you can keep yourself plastered 24 hours of the day…but they kinda messed it up end of last year, after the King died, and cloed a bunch of street bars. In the African Club, I used to call it FIGHT CLUB. The dancefloor was the ring for daily morning fights between rival factions of Ugandan ladies!..and they fought daily.
The Uganda girls were so crazy that some ladies might be fighting over you and you have never even spoken to them!They have healthy libidos…sneaky little horny girls.

Thailand is so crazy you can do a bunch of stuff and forget it all. One weekend, I was in a daze or I don’ tknow what, I remembered dealing with about 4 gruops of girls or so over the weekend, and somehow they are in the apartment you do stuff then another time anaother group, and sometimes you don’t even have any recollection of having had sex when almost all those groups had 2 you fucked at the same time A certain lady said I had fucked her on 5 different occasions and I got no clue, I simply could not remember any of it…as you stay in Bangkok for long, you eat less and drink more…stuff becomes blurry…!..So maybe now it will make sense why I got nothing out of the class that took me there. Anyway just wantd to mention about the Ugandan girls when I remembered about them.

Kenyan HOOKERS got NOTHING on Uganda ones…those ladie are badass!!!
So if you were thinking of honeymoon getaways, or rather, divorce get aways…Bangkok i s always open!

So here w ecome Bangkok Phuket and Pattaya…!!!


Tuseme umerewo.

weka na picha


Pattaya. The walking street. Wrong advice. That is not a good place to go for honeymoon.

so you went to bangkok in Thailand… what, you didnt get enough cock in Kenya?


Nini inaendelea hapa

Accommodation, food na locals’ attitudes zikoje?

Bitches there love blacks. Watakurukia ushangae. Food is mostly sea. Accomodation you can book into a hotel or get one of those serviced apartments.

Thanks man, though Pattaya is too immoral from what I have read. BTW, jobs gani ama opportunities gani Waafrika huko wanatarget mostly?

Huko labda uende ukuwe malaya. Coz prostitutes from Kenya , Tanzania and other african countries charge the highest.

:D:D:D:D:D, isokei.

msee anakuwa malaya aje ?

Unaniulizaje profession yako?

hahahahaha na nime enda…,… hahahahah

Mbona umedelete io hekaya yako ya Thailand? Niko sure io shemale ilikumwgia ndani

alikamuliwa huko Thailand

I would think white tourists go hunting for ( Asian women How do Africans charge more.