What is your greatest achievement so far?

Whatever it means to you…Mine i have had the privilege of travelling the world



How are you a mother and still have time to moderate this cesspool?

Kunyonga monkey daily , nikasave pesa.

Today I overcame constipation kunywa maji ni muhimu.

Travelling the world. At you own cost or at someone else’s expense?
Wacha uongo ianze…

Uliendea slices Kwa former college mate?

No human is limited.

Sijafika 30yrs and have registered my own NGO and CBO…where I call the shots ,fire/hire at my own pleasure

Kukamua 400+ kungurus

You forgot climbing 10000 trees in a year msito @Thiem

Tomba mamako

Kukamua 3 sisters on diverse dates

Having a career. Its not thaaat plum but it pays my bills and things are looking up.

Finishing my school, raising my children, making chapo, and travelling around the world minus Australia.

a bit of clarity bro, did you say you finished putting up a school or you finished schooling?

I am a billionaire, I am not a millionaire but I am raising my kids just the way I wanted. My greatest achievement is my family.

Mko hapa tu na achievement za ovyo.
Je mngekuwa kama hawa watoto?

Five-figure net salo even after servicing a loan in five-figure monthly installments.

Shukran to the most high!