What is turning Muslim men and Women into terrorist

Islamist inspired terrorism is on the rise globally. There must be something that has caused this to be the case. What exactly is happening to make Muslim men and women turn to acts of terrorism…and what is the agenda of the islamist that he seeks to advance with the force of arms and loss of life?

Men are promised 72 unprocessed coomers
Are the women promised anything…Like say 72 hardworking 12 inch shafts…Just asking!

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binadamu anapenda kuua wenzake sana kama sio ww1 ni ww2 genocide in rwanda kosovo vietnam etc…sasa terrorism ndio iko yuu

They are brainwashed through religion and therefore believe what they are doing is right and justified

@mayekeke shed light hapa tujue

Despesration, inequality, injustice, oppression.After living in hope expecting things to change, at times it reaches a breaking point and you use any means possible to hit back at the system.Case in point, corruption and the leadership in Kenya.Many times you feel like taking up an AK 47 storm a govt office and put a point across.

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Litsen to one of Rogo’s teachings and there lies your Ansa…let no one fool you that Somali’s have mastered fluent swahili.

Hebu weka link ya rogo’s teaching

Yea…I have heard that guy Rogo teach…it was next to incitement

:D:D, what are these now!

Western assault on Islam and Muslims with the help of proxy governments and rulers.

Virgin ones @Riddim :D:D


The fraud regimes in Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Egypt etc have helped to fuel animosity among many Arabs/ Muslims. Halafu the Palestine / Israeli conflict has stoked the fire.