What is the secret of Moi?

At his age Moi stills looks healthier than young people like Kibaki and Raila. One wonders what is this secret that Moi has used to avoid major sickness and stay stronger and healthier all this time!?

Have you seen Moi of late kweli??? That jamaa looks out of it


Ata look at the table with the lamp… kuna landline za 1980… Jamaa haujui sikuizi kuna mobile :smiley:

Alisema juzi tu ,Kama unataka maisha marefu kaa bachelor!!!

You think he is not aware there exists mobile phones.Dude is just having the landline as a souvenir

I hear the guy eats alot of traditional foods…

Na bila stress ya kupipi…

You can live like Abraham…

Boiled green maize,
Boiled goat meat,
Boiled goat soup with traditional herbs from Baringo hills, ravines and forests.

He is only 94
Njonjo is 99 na hasumbui. Plus anateremsha tusker tatu kila siku.

For soup to be soup it has to be boiled? I thought you should know.

Bro, lighten up man.

Njonjo is teetotaller.

The good ones always die young.

nothing special with people from that generation…am sure a good number of you still have your healthy grandpa’s who are over 95 years

Moi hashikanishi any…Naskia Gideon alimdanganya that yeye ndo D.P thats why huwa anakataa Ruto ameet mzae pale Kabarak ili mzee asijue ukweli…

As old as Methuselah


What is the secret of Moi…

What is Moi’s secret?

Ilikuja ne meli, ni kweli.

Secret of Moi… Siri ya Moi. The world is not our home

Living long has nothing to do with secrets

I can never want to live past 90 years. Hapo you are a walking corpse. Heri nife somewhere around 80 years

There is no secret, switch your morning bread for sweet potatoes and stop falling for java, kfc, and alcohol adverts