What is the best way to receive money from Shopify without opening a real company?

I recently opened a Shopify store and am looking to add some payment processors. The only thing is the payment processors are asking for real company details. I only want to do some dropshipping, which I do no think needs a real company.

If you’ve done this before without a company please shed some light on this. thanks.

Last time I tried dropshipping, if you are in kenya the only way was using paypal for payment processing or setting up an LLC in US

Also just some advice on drop shipping.
Unless you have found a niche product that is not saturated , its really hard making a sale.

Also most people who make money from “dropshipping” this days don’t make it from shopify sales they make it from “Selling their dropshipping guru courses/secrets/7steps to successful…”

If you still want to dropship prepare yourself to changing product lines around 5 times before making sales…especially since you won’t have stripe which makes it worse

You just summarized my entire experience when I tried drop-shipping. I saw @Mimi Huwa Namwaga Ndanii talking about it here. That night I learned how to make a shopify store, made one, imported products from aliexpress using oberlo. The next day I made some ads on FB after reading about pixels and by evening I was live. Long story short, I made meagre sales before realizing that almost all Chinese manufacturers were on Ebay and Amazon too targeting the same customers at prices I couldn’t beat. Marketing costs were too high and I closed the store.

I should have taken some time and done more product research, but I don’t think the outcome would have been different. When Chinese manufacturers began listing items on Amazon and Aliexpress at the same price, they effectively cut out the middleman (dropshipper).

Yeah me too, closed down
Shopify/Dropshipping has alot of fake hype.
and fake Gurus

currently, Amazon FBA is the only one thats ish ish, but harder if you are kenyan
not sure if I saw your post on this or someones else