What is Julie whatever? How many kenyan women have the British raped?

He revenged on our behalf,


Also it is the British who created the untouchables social class in Kenya and they put themselves firmly in that class.
After they “left” Kenya, a black Kenyan elite replaced them. A son of the Kenyan elite raped and killed one of their own and got away with it. Ordinary Kenyans weren’t shocked or surprised because that’s just how it is in this system of no justice to the masses.
The British who think of themselves as superior were seething with anger that they couldn’t bulldoze the Kenya system to get justice for their own.

You are no better than the person whose behaviour you condemn if you tolerate such behaviour when it suits you.

yeah,you and your half wit inbred kins.what kind of bullsheet is that?

The British killed many of our own, but that does not mean we trust our own who are willing to kill the British and our own people too.
Moi is a piece of shit dimwit.

What kind of reasoning is this