What is happening to ktalk

we used to have meaningful discussions here and great hekayas every once in a while…nowaday kila thread unafungua ni :meffi::meffi::meffi::meffi::meffi::meffi:

The meaningful chaps and lasses grew up and left.

Wewe leta hekaya yako

It was all fun and laughter, then purple happened.

Kensho check me out elsewhere…

Blame it on the girl until the cows come home hunh. So what what you done with your many handles. She does not post anymore so you should be feeling ashamed. Nyof nyof nyof…

Niaje mama ama umeniblock

Niko sawa. Actually if I confirm that this handle belongs to that guy in Germany…itakula block pia as I suspect it is.

it’s a fact that the crack down she imposed, slowed down the village. it doesn’t help that she is gone.

The village was on a decline a v steady one without her help. Stop blaming her. I asked you… so what have you done with your multiple handles to rejuvenate the place??? mmmmmmmmmh nada.
It is shameful and embarrassing to keep quoting/mentioning someone bila response. Ebu tag her again…and wait for a response.



This is the result of blocking every dickk hapa ktalk…you remain with Limited content ghaseer

YAaaaaaa nada changes around here.

You are a SV and you are bitching? Hii influx ya of late ya NV na SV ndio hamleti hekaya. When was the last time you posted?

Can you really talk to us about a Ktalk past?

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Dynasties fall when you give a skirt wearer the helm, case in point.

si unio she mecho leo ata kama ni ka kucha tu

kuosha mecho inafaa irudi tena

The pics ban changed the mood of the place.
Now it feels like reading a calculus book.
The owner needs to revamp the look of the site.