What is happening to Capital FM

Radio presenter and actor Maqbul Mohammed is the latest celebrity to join the bandwagon of individuals leaving Capital FM radio station.

Maqbul announced his departure on Friday through his social media platforms, urging his fans to tune in and listen to his last show at the radio station where he has been working for 12 years.

@CapitalFMKenya, one last time. Tune in now. ?

— Maqbul Mohammed (@Maqbuli) May 31, 2019

Maqbuls fans expressed their sadness by his departure from the station with many wishing him well in his future endeavours.

Teddy Wangui tweeted, “Tuned in and listening to the show, I wish you didnt have to leave @Maqbuli, wish you the best of the best in your future endeavours, God bless.”

Kissykennysmart wrote, “Ill miss you on 984 brathe. All the best out there.”

Ashley exclaimed, “Nooooo!”


Maqbuls decision to leave Capital FM comes a day after fellow presenter, Cess Mutungi, bid farewell to his fans during her Jam984 show.

Other presenters who left the station include My Two Cents co-hosts Sharon Mundia and Susan Wong.

Ms Wong, who is also a travel blogger, left in January this year and relocated to her home country Canada.

Sharon currently hosts the early morning breakfast show on NTV called Living with Ess.

Media personality Anita Nderu also left saying that it was time for her to conquer new challenges.

Laura Walubengo left last year. Business Editor Ken Macharia and Business reporter Kennedy Kangethe followed suit. Seems like mass layoffs are the way to go nowadays. Cost of operating business nowaday is too high.

Meh!, this is just overated back to our roots with local stations, hapo ndio pesa iko!

I don’t do radio, so this is all Greek to me.

Ntajibu hii swali the day you will leave your mother’s house

Nope, Chris spending cash elsewhere

Who are all these strangers whose names are dropping around like the hailstones of Kimende?

Capital was my favorite till Cess Mutungi, Charles Kiarie and the mboys left.
I tried to tune in last week nikakuja wamebadilisha even the genre of music they used to play.
I deleted ze channel.

I used to listen to capital’s only one program, hits not homework, na every friday saa nne adi saa moja asubuhi zingine pantambua

Peasant nunua gari

It’s normal attrition just that it is a company in the public eye so we get to hear of it more than we would of any other

But on the other hand Fareed and Joey are back so I guess it’s just normal

joey yule mmoja??? kwani aliwachiliwa tena, dafaq!

Siku ya nyani kufa miti yote huteleza!

tangu walubengo aende sijaskiza radio news

Left capiro 98 pono(98.0) when Marcus and Leo left can’t relate.

Blame Amina. Ye ni ka opposite wa yule msee wa Greek mythology whose hands turned things to gold when he touched them.

Huyo King alikuwa anaitwa Midas.

So unanea anything Amina Abdi-whoever touches turns to shit? :D:D

Maqbul left and the borana chatter box in the name of Amina remains? The world is unfair.

Capital FM inashikianga wapi?

Ule muhindi amerudi, yeye ndio anashikilia na Amina