What is ailing the Mt Kenya nation

After Kibaki assumed power in the 2002 that is when the mountain went to sleep and will not be waking up anytime soon until they are in opposition. This is because they felt wamefika. Nobody dares think beyond the muthamaki in that village as he will be called a traitor. This has led to very serious low levels of intellect, thinking and wisdom never experienced before.

That is why the elites of the mountain are no match to the lakeside chaps where they are forced to think ahead of times due to years in agitation and opposition politics. The likes of Kiraitu, Koigi, Gitobu, Karua , Wanyiri were created due to hardships. Have you watched guest analysts, politicians on Tv from the lake side how they present themselves, articulate their points and also make their counter parts from the mountain look silly?

The other thing that fails the mountain is lack of confidence. I swear these guys have lost it kabisa I dont know why. when was the last time you heard these people in the media, music and other arts apart from their lousy mugithi anthem. Where do akina Khaligraph Jones, King kaka, King Kafu , Vera Sindinya and the likes get their confidence from to fake until they make it? Have you come across a news anchor from the mountain who can spin the debate in their favor? Anne kiguta must be very lonely in those studios full of NASA lining journalist as she try to be neutral. The few who can be of use are just some social bimbos looking for sponsors and cheap fame

I dont blame them but after graduating from campus the Mt graduates quickly start small time business like selling buroti maguta maguta, hardwares, gas and other small ventures in kamukunji market with a hope of striking fortunes which is not bad after all . On the other hand elites from other regions quickly go back to pursue other post graduate certs which qualify them for senior government positions. The current debate is muthaki lacks people in Judiciary, IEBC but how many have applied for those posts from the mountain. How many luos are in the JSC without any one voicing it? what if it was the other way round the hue and cry would be from here to Timbuktu.
The bottom line is some people need to wake up from their slumber

Nani amesoma anipe summary? Ama ningoje baba atusomee tu

Even harambee stars is full of luo intellectuals ,phds who graduated in kicking a football.

Wewe ni mtu mdogo sana…

We are in slumberland without titles,honors,certificates and the million titles in our names till the debate comes on who owns kenya.
Who spins the Kenyan economy? I don’t have titles, but I know a few professors who cannot match my lifestyle leave alone make an extra coin without their employer.

Prolly a virgin

Even those pelting stones at policemen and looting businesses owned by their own people are phd holders.Hawa watu wanakuwanga intelligent sana.The intelligence of five luo degree holders matches that of one kikuyu kíūmìrì.

Wacha nicheke tu.

All those sijui intelligent luos have been employed in central and most of them by mt kenya folks

It ails the whole nation. Identity as Kenyans is not there. Simply because one has a flat screen TV, good phone and/or vehicle makes them think alishafika. The actual shot-callers are silent.


Tutiriaga kwanyu…someone please translate for him…

Economic competitions my friend is the key in uthamakistan Vs titles and entitlement in luostan.
Some of my friends who never saw secondary and university doors are doing far much better than me economically

Very stereotypical thread… Although there’s some truth to it.

Na mdosi wake aliyemtuma ni mtu mdogo zaidi

Times have changed, they are where the money is i.e in the economy value chains as you busy yourselves in tv shows discussing abstract politics. You will hear their rumble when voting comes in to send the perennial loser home

Raila will lose terribly…translation done!,next!

Only the slime of the earth crawls out of his blinding ignorance to profile an entire people driven solely by tribal politics.

Naona Uthamakistan Batallion imekuja guns blazing…
Only thing i can say to you baga is Go drying