what is a treasury bill?

The one Alfred Keter was catched stealing?

That nigga is shroud !

Answer tha question ama haujui?

What did we do to deserve such people!! Kipara One kuja na Tata. Shait!!

The Queen is coming for you!

Think about it as a “share certificate”. Govt borrows money from the general public and issues you this “share certificate” in return. Matures in 29, 60 or 90 days. On maturation you surrender it get back your money plus interest.

Short term borrowing from the market by the government




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Let me assume you typed that ‘catched’ intentionally. :D:D

Jarles Logong nilikuambia usipigie mwizi wa bursary Alfred Keter kura ukasema no other pipo. Kula kichwa ngumu yako

This reminds me of a rape case in Nyanza where a student was narrating her story “mwalimu alinishiika akaniweeka kwa paja lake” interviewer - halafu! - “halafu akanipapasa matiti” interviewer - halafu - “halafu akanitoa siruaru” interviewer - halafu - “halafu akanifanyia tabia mbaya”…
It was sad I tell you.

shroud ya yesu ama gani tena

Ya Turin

Google is your friend. Na mambo ya Catched we will revisit. Yaani inaleta hadi spelling error underline << [ATTACH=full]157748[/ATTACH] >> and you went ahead and posted. Mungu saidia.



This Jubilee story keeps getting more interesting, we gonna need some cameras and screenplay soon.
The treasury bills are genuine. Some crooked guys at the Central Bank cashed the forged bills. On enquiry, the directors of Desai Printers Limited were harassed by associates of the 2nd powerful man in Kenya and threatened with deportation.
At this point Desai Limited in their own wisdom thought that a political solution would do as advised by their lawyer Kipkenda Lilan Advocates.
The Desai Printers directors were then introduced to Hon Alfred Keter who are very close with the Central Bank Governor, Mr Njoroge. Mr Njoroge promised Hon Keter that the roque staff who cashed the bills would be disciplined and jailed. This was in July 2017.
Hon Keter has been pursuing this issue until last evening when the CBK called Hon Keter informing him the tbills were now ready for cashing as a solution had been found to the earlier anomalies.
On getting to CBK this morning, their was an unusual number of camera men hovering around central bank, on a casual enquiry as he entered the bank,Akk asked one press man what they were up to and the answer given was that there was a press briefing by CBK communication director Mr Wallace Kantai.
On presenting his friends for assistance by the Governor CBK himself, Hell broke loose! Plain clothes policeman were all over with orders to arrest Akk.
He has been questioned at DCI HQ Kiambu Road up to 7.30pm where he has been transferred to Kileleshwa police station. Its worth noting that this was a clear set up and pure witch hunt with the script well drawn by the top jubilee with the play writer being the CBK Governor Mr Njoroge…

You can choose to use the word or not to. It is perfect, especially when written in poetry, but it sounds exceptionally wrong when spoken.


  • verb
  1. catched – see catch
    Source:OWL 2 Web Ontology Language

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