What is a state visit?

I have been reading allover the net and otherwise that Obambla is not on a state visit that is why he didn’t inspect a guard of honor; no Akamba dryfries to shake their shoulders at him then throw one leg here
another one their as Michuki described wathi wa mukamba; no Michelle and the tufuturistic dryfries. Je?

I must be sincere. I clicked the #tale of lesbian nikajipata hapa. Shiet!

thanks for the heads up it was on my to-do list. wacha nione kama trish kalikamuliwa

He is supposed to inspect the guard of honour today

:D:DJamaa wa ka-matchstick alikatisia

Yaap.Thereafter a twenty one gun salute mounted/fired on his honor.

so this is a state visit ama? what I’m getting is there is a state visit, an official visit and a private visit of course we know private visit

It is one state visiting another state.

@Koolibah …Official state visit (remember we sometimes have some state visits which are not official i.e some Leaders just calling on the prezo at state house unannounced)

Kama vile Museveni anapenda kufanya. Huja State House kama kwake!