What if you......

  1. [SIZE=4]Demand a higher salary.[/SIZE]
    When you’re starting a new job, don’t just accept the first salary offer. They won’t respect you as much if you do. Don’t be antagonistic, but know that if they’re offering you a job, it means they want you. Due to budget demands, they will try to lowball your salary, but they almost always have some wiggle room. Do the dance and find out how much room there really is.

  2. [SIZE=4]Don’t cheat on her.[/SIZE]
    Being faithful to your wife for years and years is very tough for men.

  3. [SIZE=4]Unfriend your ex.[/SIZE]
    She’s not coming back. You won’t be able to perv over her pics anymore, but you’ll send her the right message.

  4. [SIZE=4]Say “I’m sorry.”[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=4]"You may feel a slight sting. That’s pride fking with you. Fk pride. Pride only hurts. It never helps.[/SIZE][SIZE=4]"

    [SIZE=4]5. Have that weird conversation where you tell your parents you appreciate them.[/SIZE]

What If I told you…It doesn’t take a genius…!!!

then this will be the day I will witness progress in my life

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Then do something my friend

waaah zingine ni ngumu

hehe Number 5 bana