What if you discovered you are more than one of you

Three Identical Strangers will blow you mind

Hii tumeona kwa Star Trek. Inaitwa “Parallel Universe”

TUMEONA rick and morty pia:D

Hata kwa family guy tumeona

Hata kwa movie ya Jet li iko parallel universe. The One.

hio ni nini?

I have an identical twin brother so there are two of me its weird right?

Have the 2 of u ever hooked up with identical twin sisters?

Ata enzi za catoon network tuliona kwa dexter na Powerpuff girls

Pia tuliona kwa gravity falls

C’mon… you haven’t watched Rick and Morty ?

Ata kwa Gravity. Mtu anaingia Black Hole and he ends up behind the bookshelf in his house on earth

Ata kwa ‘Fringe’ tuliona

Ata kwa The Flash tushaona…

this was one hell of a good series

tumeona pia kwa Counterpart

niliona kitambo kidogo pale VHS viral na Parallel

Not yet


How interesting…