What if the Arabs had the military might like that of NATO and the West had that of today's Arabs?

Don’t get me wrong, I know America and its NATO allies have committed countless genocides across the world over the years but if the Arab world had NATO’s military capacity we’d all be slaves. Waarabu ni wanyama. Here you have a choice between 2 evils. Wazungu ni wabaya lakini Waarabu ni wanyama

You were born to be slaves. It’s your birthright.

~Resident Arab~

Hatuna aircraft carrier banae

Nani amesema tuko nayo? Hata Russia na China wako tu na moja moja. USA alone has 20!


Ndio maana Amerika inawagongaga kama nyoka.

Arab is the shyt at the bottom of the barrel.

“[SIZE=1]Abeed[/SIZE]” { @One Star to Rule Them All } can sure attest to that.

Looking forward to the day an aircraft carrier gets sunk.
No technology is advanced enough to prevent more advanced technology from happening and global power keeps shifting all the time.
It might not happen in our lifetime but know there was an age the Romans were calling the shots.

Saudi Arabia is being beaten easily by Huthis rebels. Arabs spend tons on military hardware but have serious nepotism issues in military ranks.
I would rather fight Arabs knowing what weakness they have.

Arab armies are generally weak. Thats why a tiny, heavily outnumbered country like israel has had like 4 wars with several of them at the same time and won

Lets not forget that uncle sam and his allies have played a huge role in the survival of israel .

Waarabu walimwe. they are our enemies number one. ikiwezekana pia chinku zilimwe. alafu germany ilime france na wafanye occupation and steal all their women.

Kisha after hao wote walimwe sisi waafrika tutalimwa.

True. But in some of the wars, the USSR was involved heavily on the Arab side but wapi! They still lost

hujui hao asians. even what they do each other alone tells a story.

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and countries like kenya which have no military capacity to speak of.

True, i hate generalizing but arabs are just lazy.

What are you implying?

Bro, kenya’s military has come a long way since independence from being the weakling in the region to the most powerful