What If She's Your Mother...Wife?


A California mother says her children’s school expelled them because of her posts on the adult website OnlyFans. Crystal Jackson, 41, said she started taking intimate photos of herself in lingerie after she hit menopause to spice up her marriage. She makes about $150,000 a month from the photos she posts on the site. But when word of her side hustle started making the rounds at her sons’ Catholic school, it snowballed into the expulsion of her boys, who are just 8, 10, and 12 years old.

Subsaharans mumemaliza shida yenu?

Ghaseer eti subsaharans. Unajiskianga ukiwa mzungu matako ya alshabaab wewe. Go to hell you fucking refugee

Sawa Sawa, lakini matako ya alshabab inakaa aje mkuregenzi

:D:D Unatukana A- class of 92…

Kunguru amepigwa sweep. Either way its a catholic school. She ought to behave knowing where her kids school. Otherwise the ridicule will be on the kids. Good riddance!!!

$150k a month?

On a side hustle… I also wonder how much is from the real hustle….
As you can see, she has 3 kids in a private school…

How does taking nudes and posting them online “spice up” a marriage? And who are these people who pay?

Mbirrionare cum website millionare @Electronics4u

The number of simps out there who keep funding these thots

So what did the school tell the kids they were expelling them for?

Ignore this fool. Anafanya nini KT? Si apeleke hio ujanja yake yote SomaliTalk pahali wako tu na first world problems


150$k a month “working from home”…Why not? And this little controversy of her kids being expelled is only making her famous…she is about to triple that amount.

That is a good amount of money. But her young kids will always suffer. I repeat again…once you have kids you lose bargaining chips in some of these things. Social media is v unforgiving no matter what anyone says.

Nkipata kienyeji from say shamakhoko, shinyalu or mukuruweini na niifungulie only fans account with a nice camera i guess i can make that amount from some Indian, German and British perverts …

Who pays for porn in this day and age?

That figure is probably exaggerated by mharo media. Inside Edition likes sensational reports.

Wamejaa Chartubate, tembea huko na VPN.