What if Ruto MPs impeached Uhuru?

Known Known: Uhuru said apewe zake kumi Ruto aendelee

Known Known: Ruto really campaigned for them to ascend to power

Known Known: President backtracked on his initial promise with utterances like “My choice for president will be a surprise”

Known Known: Ruto controls both houses of parliament as evidenced in the recent weekend meetings where MPs trooped to his meeting with the president only managing to attract a handful.

Known Unknown: Ruto feels betrayed, especially with rumors going round that Uhunye might support RAO.

Unknown Unkown: Who will be the president come 2022

Given the above and Ruto feels bitter that he is being betrayed on the 2022 promise, sponsors an IMPEACHMENT MOTION according to article 145( http://www.klrc.go.ke/index.php/constitution-of-kenya/130-chapter-nine-the-executive/part-2-the-president-and-deputy-president/313-145-removal-of-president-by-impeachment )of the Katiba just months to the general election and rules for the remainder of the term as he campaigns fully, wouldn’t he deal a blow to the so called dynasties?

Reasons for impeachment you ask? They would fabricate some those guys.

Politicians kujeni hapa

hio hawezi…he’s not that stupid

Uliona vile Sonko aliwika kama puppy juzi? Eeh! Hivyo ndivyo anyone who tries atawika.

ODM and Central Mps will gang up and defeat the impeachment. Then Ruto will be fired or impeached by the same.

Ruto’s biggest impediment after the handshake was the BBI report, he managed to drum up enough opposition for any radical amendments designed to derail his bid. He won that battle.

What he absolutely loves and gives him comfort is how the handshake hamstrung Rao, he cannot criticise the Jubilee regime because that would be akin to throwing Uhunye under the bus.

Rao protecting Uhunye saves Ruto, the unintended consequences of the handshake.

He just need Raila for impeachment to happen