What if Raila loses 2022 elections?

What if the last bullet refuses to deliver the required shot for Raila.? Will he retire peacefully and hand in the mantle to other leaders in Luo Nyanza or will he still continue playing opposition politics and run again in 2027 or will he do another handshake with the candidate that shall win in 2022.
And should he be the president what kind of policies can we expect that he shall implement and how will his leadership style be different from Uhuru?

Raila won’t loose. Ni nini Ruto hangeambia uhunye wafanye first term. Kazi ilikuwa wizi tupu. Now he is crying wolf.

If he got a deal out of Moi, Kibaki and Uhuru. Then if he is not declared president by IEBC in 2022, you already know the drill.

He wasn’t going to win…

It’s not a question of ‘if’ but ‘when’.

And the same system that they used to rig themselves into power is the SAME system and machinery being used to intimidate and frustrate him.

That’s when people cry for justice when one is a beneficiary of that same INJUSTICE, be cautious. What was their rallying cry, “Webe ni ure, ure”. Why is LootAll’s side lamenting about? Wasn’t Murathe VC in 2013? :D:D:D No honor amongst thieves.

Safari tumalize kwa utaratibu na UhuRuto broken, fragmented government. Hilarious, if not tragic.

Mimi ni Kikuyu but I won’t vote alongside my tribesmen. Hawa wasapere leaders ndio wanatukula. Heri kunyonywa damu na kabila ingine kuliko watu wetu. Mtu wetu huuma Sana.

You are voting in Uhuru, so wacha kusema mambo ya mtu wetu. We in the majority behind WSR are voting against the mtu wetu syndrome. The other way round.

Heri huyu Mzee Hana Meno ya kukula Mali ya umma.

:D:D watoto na wajukuu wake wa bungee na Senate ndio watakula

Jakuon? pls don’t make me laugh. Plus do not miss the fact that Uhuru intends to hold on to a powerful seat. Jakuon will not have any powers. Not with Murathe around.

Niko nyuma ya Baba Fidel Kwanza tuna Anza door to door kisuum. To make sure all jaluos has kuras. Rao ako 7.3m votes unregistered. Hizi akipata we don’t need za central. Huko we make sure voter turnout is less than 40%. Hapa Rao will retire in statehouse.

Sounds like an ace idea. He should start at his home turf where kina Mangele do even bother to kumira kumira. But as long as Uhunye is in the picture, just think about the Kenyatta dynasty and how much we stand to lose.


Only death can remove conman from the ballot, otherwise after the loss he will blame crocks and try handshake with Ruto, that’s y the conman is never a serious contender,

Sema raila doesn’t accept loss, but in 2022 with luhya votes leaning towards Ruto, conman will lose by 9am and must concede defeat this time round,

Na mnafikiria hio mishale wakale waliibadilishana na bible?

The question should be more of, what will Ruto do if he doesn’t make it ?

where did you get that Uhuru wants to cling on power?. No. 2022 kura yangu moja inaenda kwa Raila. Huyu mzee hananga ubaya na mtu, he stands for a better Kenya.

[SIZE=5][FONT=times new roman]By 2022 Raila will be working with Ruto… the deep-state is gonna get another fucking headache …They will advise Uhuru that we are working under the new dispensation of the BBI and that things have to start afresh (giving Uhuru another 10 years). All thurakus will vote for Uhuru because of their hate for Raila and then this country will fall into chaos[/FONT][/SIZE]