What If Nuclear Weapons Are Launched, Itakuwaje, Will We All Die Due To Nuclear Winter Like Dinosaurs?

Things are getting thicker by the day. Today Khakiv City Hall was turned into a shell after a rocket strike. The way things are going ni kubayaz




many europeans will die from the fallout… Africa will and the rest will die slow and painful deaths from radiation poisoning. basically usitake kusurvuive nuclear war

Tunafungua border to welcome white meat Ukraine kungurus

Not if you are a natblida. :cool:


Good number will be intercepted. A few will land on cities destroying them. A few hundred will land before installations are obliterated and disabled/sunk. Radiation will be there, but in a few months as conventional war rages radiation will be localized to places where particularly dirty bombs landed. Then blame game will continue.

Any surviros here are now legally deaf.


Tutakuwa tunanuka ka Bahati after valentines.

The thicker things get, the closer we are to the return of Jesus.

Are you ready?


Moment Russian missile airstrike smashes into Kharkiv city council building

How certain are you that this is a Russian missile?

What do you think it is?

waafrika nyinyi ni wanyonge since you dont have high calibre weapons infact all weapons come from europe and America . if europe is turned into radiation wasteland the whiteman will come and take African land by force . possible nuke Africa and Arabia with a non-radiation bomb then take over the land . it will be all race for themselves

I think I’ve watched enough post apocalyptic movies and Doomsday prepper videos to survive in such a situation in real life.

Nuclear war is what?
Nuclear war is MAD!
Mutually Assured Destruction!

This is the biggest nuclear bomb in the world and and the man with it’s pass codes anaitwa Putin!


Nuclear warheads are many but delivery vehicles are few. So, not many can be launched

Naweza penda sahile wanaideploy ilipukie kwao tu isiende mahali.

I agree. History has shown that the white man can’t suffer as Omwafrika enjoys his peace. They would start by buying millions of African soldiers cheaply from their governments during the war. After the war, taking African land would be very easy.

But mzungu mkono kwa mkono cannot defeat mwafrika.

Blue eyed Ukrainians soft meats watakua reserved for AMGs like me

Wacha kujienjoy