What I wish I did not have

  1. Beard. You have to spend a lot of time every week on this. It can be costly too especially buying anti-bump after-shaves, na kama wewe ni mtu wa kwenda kinyozi, you need to budget for it every week.

  2. Pubic hair especially on my balls and beyond. No matter how careful i am when shaving, i always see blood. Then the embarassing itching in public when the hair start growing again. Sometimes I have gone to the toilet just to scratch myself.

for no 1…if u didnt have a beard u would be a woman
no 2 if u r a man u dont have to shave it, problem solved

Welcome to adult hood. You will get used to all that soon you won’t even notice.

so you dont shave? You must be one smelly human being

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Try waxin

Si lazima unyoe huko chini

tumia veet

does it have known long term side affects? That is my fear

Always thought that is for women, mwanaume kuwa completely hairless in the bikini regions?

A brazilian would help, esp on the balls and asshole (sorry, couldn’t get a better word for that part of the body).

Nimesema mara kwa mara …

veet iko fiti… ama All clear

haina effect kwangu


Usinyoe ndevu iishe kabisa. Kuna reason hiyo machine hukuwa na gauge.

Hiyo Brazilian, you first get local anaesthesia or you will sing in languages you thought you didn’t know…

Mwanaume ni kuwa musafi, unafyeka kila mahali(ndevu na hapo chini kwa region)

:smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

Do a patch test before you use.

why don’t you go for sex change,your are silly excuse of a man.maggot

Tumia makasi