What I have learned from Duale Book

  1. Kenya governance system has really improved. He explained how one could organize political violence easily in early years of 2002 and right now how its almost impossible because politicians are afraid of law enforcement agencies and the consequences such actions may have on their political careers.
  2. Kenyan judiciary has really become independent. He has explained how many politicians nowadays are afraid of the decisions that can be made by judiciary because they cannot easily predict.
  3. Not all politicians are corrupt and self centered as we believe. Some are loyal to the country and very reasonable. He gave a good scenario when some people in govt wanted to prevent and did all their best to stop Uhuru Ruto from vying while considering the repercussions it might have on the country’s image internationally and possible sanctions were they to ascend to presidency.

I am still reading. Will write more when i complete my reading

Very good. Ile PDF copy iko wapi tusomee kitabu ya Mzito Aden Barre Duale Gurreh

Yet all Kenya Kwisha thieves have been set free by the courts to steal again.

Hii ujinga ya nduale hata kushika na flag pole siwezi. Ghasia. Bure kabisa Ngombe ici

On point number 3.

Please go and ask them due to the difficult circumstances that the ordinary Kenyans are facing whether they will be willing to take a pay cut in solidarity and report back.

I’d rather read a nursery rhyme book than that garbage.

I went to purchase it pale Nuria store. I skimmed through but opted to purchase a different one. But I will give it a try next week. Has the reading culture in Kenya improved? These books are getting positive reaction from Kenyans. Ni kama authors wananukisha kitunguu.

Hii lazima nitaisoma.

Siwezi soma any rubbish by Kunia Kwanza thieves.

:D:D:D Kunguru kote Duniani ni Weusi!

I’d will sooner read Taifa Leo.

Any biography book is a representation of someone who wants you to read and view his explanation is actually what happened which in many cases is false. According to his own point of view, the scenario put is true. Hii chieth ya Duale na comic book ya marvel avengers ziko the same WhatsApp group

wacha wizi, nunua copy

100,000 copies x 3000, not bad whatever overheads.