What has the village turned into ..

I have been away on business for quite some time now. I make my way back here and the first madhafackin thing I get is that, almost everyone in this god forsaken village has changed their orientation and are heavily leaning on the rainbow brigade side. What became of @Motokubwa and @uwesmake who are now senior feggots, then alot of vifaranga za @admin have also sprung up. I think I have alot of catching up to do.

ION, @Deorro ang’o matimre e gweng’ ni yawa??

ayueyo kae gi nyar lango e kora, akia gimatimre


So isenyemo??

Jamaa WA mabati mzee, it was a losing battle from the start, the administrators ndio magaylords Huku

why are you dignifying sewer stirring?

Tumekuwa alpha males siku hizi?

ION yule cousin wako dame ako wapi siku hizi???

ne pod anyemo, sani koro akowe odhi dalagi

I ain’t doing that shit mwalimu. My beef is with the anti wives brigade boasting here that they cannot marry

This is what I call madness. What is the big deal about being an alpha? It is an in born thing and cannot be manufactured along the way

She’s around lying low, now all grown up upuzi ikapungua

Nawewe uliingia aje kwa hiyo club? I left you begging for ng’ony ya @nefertities

@Twangapepeta bado uko na blackwater pale Afghanistan

Wewe ni Nani sasa?

The same guy you are asking about the rainbow bridge is the same guy who is leading the brigade. I have seen with my own eyes him informing @Sogomba Sadamkale that his dick grew by a few inches. He is one sick individual

Yea. Still at the frontline in 964

Ask around the corridors, you will be telled

Huh nice, pesa sasa unabeba na magunia

Betamale detected
Alpha hapana tambua marriage