What happens if you took a supercharged lorry engine and mated it to a SUV??

You get the 2021 Dodge Durango SRT HELLCAT!! :smiley:

Introducing the world’s fastest and most powerful SUV.

This is dangerous territory. If they start selling supercharged SUVs to bonobos sio smart.

They mated the Dodge Challenger’s 6.2 l V8 Hellcat engine to a SUV.

Top speed 320kph. But that’s nothing compared to the raw muscle power torque : 721HP , 645 lb-ft.
Zero to 60 in 3.5 seconds

You can pull a bus with this thing. Price : only $83,000 !

And it’s a very a heavy drinker. Very heavy.



Mimi bado nataka mountain bike ilienda Sana nduthi 5k budget

i tell you.

Pastor akinunua hii ama Dodge Demon atakuwa devil worshipper?

Trackhawk ndio poa kumbe dodge is running out of ideas.

Atakua 100% Illuminati :smiley:

Its the whine for me.

:D:D na ni kabaya hako ka-trackhawk. Very powerful fucker.

But sidhani itatoboa hellcat.



If you buy your teenager any of these cars aren’t you asking for trouble?

Even if they share the same engines Durango has more horses. But trackhawk can be tuned to 1000 horses. But you are right. They are running out of ideas. But the customers don’t appear to be complaining.

Boss, cars have been pulling PLANES like forever. I saw it in the 70s.
Here’s a more recent example, a Cayenne pulling a double decker plane (Airbus A380, weight 280 tonnes):


Umenikumbusha Jay Leno akiuliza kama unaeza enda kanisa na Demon ama Hellcat.

Your point being? That a car can pull a plane from Nairobi to Mombasa regularly?


When I talk of a bus I mean this SUV can pull a large camping trailer the size of a small bus. Or it can pull a boat.

Saa ndege utaivuta ukiipeleka wapi other than just a very short distance away and for exhibition purposes only?

Wewe ndio uelewi, kumbaff! Hindiot! The gist of my statement is that cars can tow stuff heavier than buses, tangu zamani. It’s called context. So simple a lower elementary school kid can understand without surplus explanation.

“Price : only $83,000 !”

LMAO just only.

The person willing to buy a vehicle that powerful has his eyes set on pickup trucks.
They wouldn’t spend it on a small vehicle like that. Its a waste of money.

People buy small cars worth Ksh25 million. It only depends on how deep your pockets are and how opulent you can get.