What Happened?

Back in 2010 when Uhuru was finance minister he said all government employees would have to roll around in Passats.

Since he became president it looks like that went out the window in favor for expensive gas guzzling V8’s. That have been bleeding the taxpayer dry in expensive and over inflated mileage claims and fuel usage.

The housing allowance we give MP’s should be issued only to new members who don’t have a home. Re-elected officials would not be eligible for housing allowances because this money is being used to invest in the new properties in the city and rented out so they can be used to launder dirty cash.

The public wage bill is silently growing and if it goes unchecked will do serious harm to the economy in terms of money leftover for development and paying back loans.

Rotich needs to get serious and start tying up the purse strings. For starters all government employees expect the president and deputy would have to drive around in Toyota Pirus and of they need a SUV they’ll be allowed to drive in a simple Mobius car. This will also apply in counties and to governors…

Helicopter rentals would be paid out of pocket and not government coffers. Expect if the choppers are government owned…

What do you guys think?

i think you are dreaming . hapa ni kusema na kutender


mutongoria ni mwizi tuanzie hapo. That is what I think. Aende kwanza na watu yake wote! Wote wote wote. Anything else sijui passat sijui lifestyle audit ni waste of time. Your own uncle is working with Ben Gethi… unatuambia nini? Sweetie Waiguru ni gavna…

Even back then there was resistance from within government. Remember Raila’s henchmen declaring there’s no way a prime minister could ride in a Passat.

We have to admit during Kibaki’s time things were not this bad. Now even mPigs are allocated some money to buy their own personal car in addition to their overpayed salaries and governemt allocated cars.

Things need to change.

If they complain about passats then they should ride around in small cramped Toyota Corolla or Civics.