What happened to @Kidinyi

To know the culture, one has to go back to the roots, so I took the journey. There is this guy @Kidinyi, he was truly a legend. Where is he?

He was too fast, life is a marathon not a sprint. See @uwesmake he is still strong, @Kidinyi alikuwa anakamuwa malaya kama nne in a day.


he could bang four pokos and carry one for the night. Nashuku he is around with a different handle. When mpasho stole his thread about banging a married workmate together with her croped pictures it must have spooked him and he went underground

Nne in a day. Beyond addiction

I salute him though coz he never came here with stories without efitence.

True ktalk hero

:D:D i like that responce

The guy lived it and slayed it

true example of a man hoe but a hero to the male horny society …zile stairs za sj anazijua zote kwa majina

nice of you btw…wengi wanaingia hapa na kiherehere like we owe them …

He died


:D:D that man turned to hulk after taking vega 100

He ferked a married woman and posted photos as evidence.

As usual,mharo.com and the likes scooped the story along with the pics and posted it on their website.

That was the last time we heard of the young bull

Na hii kiherehere yako bado hujakuwa VS?



boss tuachane…stop looking for mileage with my profile.

He was castrated. Testosterone deficiency did him in