What goodness do people find in alcohol?

Alcohol is bitter to the taste and people struggle to swallow it.
Once it enters the bloodstream, it changes you and makes you behave like a madman.
When it starts to wear off from the body, it gives you devilish hangovers and you feel sick.
What good thing do you find in this chemical?
It’s better to stay sober and engage in other recreational activities.

If you have to ask then you dont need to know.

6th year. Alkohol free. And I don’t see myself imbibing again. Personal decision I made and am more happier than I was wamunyota.

umafwi thread

It is the feeling of being drunk that makes alcohol a unique and desired drink across the world. That feeling of the head getting lighter and conversations flowing smoothly.

It becomes a problem when you abuse it.

Busaa is different

never taken a drop an won’t. It’s for those others

Chifu it seems like you have never been a connoisseur of good wine…

Busaa ni tamu sana

alcohol kills your inhibitions giving your freedom for some hours

Pombe ni asali kiongos

Alcohol insaidia kidogo ukikunywa kidogo polepole.

Tupe jibu, mbona wanywa vileo?

Wacha watu wafiririnde


In my life experience, I would find it very difficult to find any other “drug” that has done more damage to men’s lives. Alcoholism is deadly from whatever angle you look at it. Ukianzia raha, majonzi utajiju.

Its toxic to your physical,mental, emotional, economical and whatever else well being. It turns intelligent men to zombies ndio msito Lucky Dube akaimba “Slave” meaning pombe makes you its slave.

Lakini mlevi ni nani…lazima ameze doze…some people just have to learn first hand…wacha wameze kanusu

Ndio maana Africa mzima, kuanzia Bralima ya DRC Congo hadi South African Breweries ya Africa Kusini enye iko owned na mabepari wamiliki rasilmali wa Ubelgiji, biashara ya vileo hucontrolliwa na mabepari mabaradhuli wamiliki rasilmali wazungu, hakuna mwafrika anaruhusiwa kufanya biashara ya Vileo.

@poyoloko hawezi get through life bila changaa

… we believe you

Mungiki, How comes u are still a pissant like your sister @Sokwe mtu ?

Kuna kitu inaitwa acquired taste tea and coffee are also bitter.

I find the taste of some alcohol types good.

Abusing anything ndio shida.