what goes around comes around....

Years ago and up to now these European folks were busy raping our land off our wealth and putting their proxies in power so as for them to continue stealing… well the tide is/has turned because many africans plus asians and arabs are flocking in to Europe illegally for ‘the good Western life’ as they have nothing back home as alot was stolen from them by these white fuckers…Sooner or later Paris will be fireworks as the terrorists are now entering Europe under the guise of refugees…

AFI stands for what?

Anal Fucking Instructor


Yeah. It’s gonna be messy. Kwanza France na Nordic countries that have a lot of Muslim immigrants wataona moto.

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there’s a docu I watched about the enemy wothin and they said Europe should refocus on terror risks within its border. For Britain cities like Birmingham that have a huge Pakistan immigrant community and another one in Germany where fundamentalists from Pakistan and Afghanistan live are potential hotbeds.

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Not forgetting Sweden na Norway that have a lot of Somalis.

A Fire Inside

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Hahaha Na uko na ufala

isis si wako na Training ground Serbia

Link ama “ndochumendary” ni hekaya tupu.

Serbia ama Bosnia??? Serbians si ndio wali massacre Bosnians juu ni waislamu??? Bosnia ndio inakuwanga islam mbaya serbians hawapendi waislamu


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