What F*ckery Is This? Are The Masks We Import Contaminated?

I saw these videos pale Telegram. Someone please say it is not true…

Imenikumbusha time ya aflatoxin na mercury.

Hatari sana. I have three more clips, but they are too large to be ‘processed by the server’. Very precarious times.

Hapa ni kenya wadau?

Why don’t you just take a mask and do the simple experiment alafu utuambie if it’s true.

The box is not contaminated . Wear the whole box instead of the one max.

Why do bonobos insist on making propaganda out of everything. If the video ia supposed to be true, we all know that any viral particles are too tiny to be captured by phone cameras or our bare eyes. Fuck that douche.

Magufuli told you that you should only use locally made masks. Many many years ago they donated blankets laced with smallpox where the aim was to help them kill and conquer natives. We are in another “blankets moment”.

I remember when this whole covid charade began,it was widely reported that only N95 masks worked in preventing the convenient virus (for only 6 hours approximately)'Somewhere along the way,goalposts got shifted and now magically every face mask works,I didn’t see the public ask why the sudden change of ‘facts’.Then I knew we’re doomed.

Covid iko but overrated. If any of you have been to mashinani lately mnajua huko apan tambua Kung’ flu. Mask ni wewe.
Lemme try that shit