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Shidddd. This country’s demise is on the horizon. So much for liberty and democracy. Way too sensitive, getting hurt by the most harmless of comments. Sasa saa hii kuambiwa watu waache drugs ni harmful.

[SIZE=7]The Weeknd Catches Heat For Saying He’s “Sober Lite” & Doesn’t Do Hard Drugs Anymore[/SIZE]
By [B]Erika Marie[/B]
August 02, 2021 18:52

One of the hosts of the show “Intervention” believes the comments “could be really harmful” for people in recovery who may be fans of the singer.

Some of our favorite entertainers are making big moves in 2021 and it looks as if The Weeknd is next in line. The chart-topping singer has been dominating with each new release and recently, he hinted that his next wave is at its launch. The Weeknd appeared on the cover of GQ magazine’s first-ever global issue and while there were several takeaways from his interview, a brief mention about his sobriety has captured attention.

He mentioned that he still consumes alcohol but not as much as he used to. “The romance of drinking isn’t there,” Weeknd added, before confirming that he still smokes marijuana. However, all other drugs have been eliminated.
"No. Drugs were a crutch. It was me thinking that I needed it. And not doing the work to figure out how not to need it, said the singer. “And I’ve spent the last few years realizing that and thanking God that I don’t need it. Because for a lot of people, it’s hard to shake it. But I knew I didn’t want it.” Demi Lovato also made similar remarks about being “California sober,” suggesting that she smokes and drinks, but only in moderation.
The remarks didn’t go unnoticed on Ken Seeley from the long-running series Intervention that has helped everyday addicts become sober since 2005. “They have millions and millions of followers and they’re out there promoting this new sobriety and it could be really harmful,” said Seeley. “It could kill a lot of people because if you’re an addict like me, there is no ‘sober lite,’ there is no ‘California sober.’ The minute I put a mind-altering substance in my system, I’m off and running.”
He added that he tried alternative sobriety methods 35 years ago. “I tried to smoke pot and I was off my drug of choice, and within months I back on my drug of choice, crystal meth.” Seeley believes that these comments “take away the chance for people to get real sobriety.” Check it out below.


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This is sooo damn stupid the fuck is wrong with people these days? Imagine complaining about the weeknd being sober cause you still a crackhead,STFUUU
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“catching heat” for being sober. I bet if he came out as a gayboy with AIDS and said he was addicted to sucking d in the parking lots, each writer on here would be drooling over their keyboard to type up some piece to hype him up. they’d publish some garbage a article that framed it as the most positive thing in the world.
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This generation of the western world is very useless and lazy. I pray to never come to the west. Everything makes these fools angry plus alphabet people plus you black killing yourselves plus drugs plus kids disrespecting elders etc. Damn Y’all

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