What does the state owe her?

Lazima atafutiwe position kwa serikali?


I know a retard when i see some faces

The price the deep state is paying after Kibaki kuDFHKMBLBHNKN.


Wueh, some people really have a hold of the nation by its balls.

What will the bull do to free its bals?

That’s not easy, if you ask me, but I know its necessary.

Pardon my ignorance, kuDFHKMBLBHNKN ndio nini tena?

Dry Fry Hadi Kwa Mkia Bila Lube Bila Huruma… I can’t remember the other ones.

They just keep getting longer by the day joh

Na Kumwaga Ndani

and that’s why by the end of the day, it’s best for the bull to make the best of the situation and not try to fight.
it might fight and win but be dead or without the balls.

What if all is destroyed and the little that is left cannot help the bull make the best out of the situation?

create another situation or just kill itself.
there are no guarantees that fighting will result in a better situation than the current one unless those its fighting agrees to change the situation to a better one. (and that wont happen anytime soon)

Yes. Plus her businesses can help raise cash for important deep state activities.

A very sad state of affairs.

Banana republic manenos.

Kwanza huko Youth Council atapata dope boys wengi sana