What does it mean....

…when a slim man is having a casual conversation with a DF’ble chic n the chic says her favorite game is rugby?

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Getting her to bed should be the main objective. Hata kama ni kuenda hiyo rugby na df ni guaranteed, no biggie.

Vile umeambiwa hapo juu.

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huyo anapenda kuni

That’s outright rejection combined with a threat. She’s telling you that you ain’t her type, and she won’t hesitate to get you worked on by her rugby-playing boyfriend.


Anapenda momo

Yeah, I kinda figured out rejection. My BMI isn’t good according to akina @Luther12 (its less than 17). Am more than 1.83m tall n weighing between 56-57kg

@Mwenyewe … i can dry fry you…

Naona senior villager amerudi

u lucky I’ve never taken u seriously

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Be very afraid my friend this gay is not straight

r they supposed to be straight?

:D:D hehe

Kwani huna mifupa jamaa. How can a 6foot+ be 50kg?



Don’t think too much, she just likes men with short shorts.