What does Britain know about coronavirus

that the rest of Europe doesn’t?
London(CNN)There was something contradictory in Boris Johnson’s speech about Britain’s response to the coronavirus on Thursday.

Flanked by the country’s chief scientific and medical advisers, the Prime Minister announced that his government was moving to the “delay” phase of its plan to tackle the outbreak, and warned Britons that they were facing their “worst public health crisis for a generation” and should be prepared “to lose loved ones before their time.”

And yet, faced with such grave prospects, would the UK be taking the same stringent precautions as other affected countries? No, was the answer.

sai controversy theory zimejaa…

I believe he is handling the situation very well. Shule zitafungwa tuu and very soon I guess. Besides he has the support and advice of v educated Chief Scientists whose knowledge he is calling upon at this moment. He does not even talk about Brexit as much as CV.