What do you think of MOBIUS

What do you think of MOBIUS. No import tax, meaning it’s probably cheaper

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Rebadged Beijing BJ40 for Mobius 3? I would love to see one used at the coast for about 3 years. Bet the floor panel it would fall off due to rust. Wouldn’t trust a Chinese person with the galvanization of automotive steel

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Bado utalipa VAT. Should be around 4M. Is it worth it at that price? Food for thought.
Also, from what I know hakuna diesel option. Big disadvantage from my point of view.

Mobius was a fraud. Walitengeza mkokoteni hapa kenya, then wakaitumia kuuza magari fake za China.

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Anyone can buy parts from china and assemble a computer. Nothing wrong with someone buying parts from china and assembling a car. A car is a very basic thing. Hii upus that it is only GM, toyota kenya, VW etc that can import parts and assemble cars (screw the parts together) must stop. Anyone can do it. Wacha Mobius also screw imported car parts together kama hao wengine.