What do you think about this design?

Am determined to start building some rental pigsty pale Kinoo. So, katika pilka pilka zangu nikakutana na hii mchoro. WakUMBWA mwaona iko juu ama chini? Am meeting an architect next weekend, so nataka kua na rough draft.

Looks nice and spacious… I don’t know the size of your land but four units on a floor is on the lower side… Five or six units are ones that break even on Return Of investment.

Heard studio apartments are on high demand skuizi but am not sure

Well, my land is a perfect 50by100, with the 50 facing the road/gate. I was thinking of some high class units with dedicated parking slots and green areas, so I want to leave almost half of the land untouched. Thus the 4 units instead of 6.

Studio apartment ni bedsitter?

depends on land area.
otherwise mi naona hii design iko sawa with local input

An open space iko tu na Choo na bafu apo side. Yaani akuna ati bedroom sitting are kitchen just an open space. But italingana na watu unatarget pia

sanasana Kilimani, Lavi, Loresho.
Kinoo needs family oriented houses 2/3 bed.

Build for tomorrow today. Apana fuata generic plans. Optimize on the size and shape of your land, check out other residential properties in the area, and make sure you what you come up with is the best.

Not bad. Very simple and not too many corners.

This is an asian design so some things may not work well here:

  1. Kitchens on the forward facing units next to the road may not be well ventilated.
  2. You would rather have the bedrooms on the quieter sides, away from the road.
  3. Units may be large for that market. Are you looking to rent at 45k for the 2 bedroom?

Good floor plan though if you rotate it, and have ground floor as parking instead of the left over untouched ground.

More Apartments floor plan here.


Ok, very nice input. Of course it has to be “kenyanized” and customized to the plot. I believe that is why we pay them architects, donge?

Nice units in the area go for 30-40, so am thinking of going a notch higher and see if I can make ones for above 40. The green areas and dedicated parking slots are are selling points.

I personally loath units that are covering end-to-end the entire plot, especially when the neighbor builds. They feel congested and lack sufficient lighting, so am looking at units that wont be shandowed by @Jirani’s pigsty. I am looking at putting up units that I would personally be comfortable in.

Hio story ya open kitchen is not my cup of tea…

That’s a great design. Why don’t you increase at least 1-2 floors and have the lower floor as a communal laundromat and/or maybe a few shops for added profit? If you want to charge more for rent think of ways to give tenants value for money.
I agree with nyadist on the open kitchen concept. Based on my (limited) experience Kenyans prefer separating those two areas. Make the living room bigger by adding a dining area and cut back on the kitchen space.

True. unless we ni bachelor. Ngoja upate watoto na mboch na wewe unataka muongee serious business na wife na mboch is eavesdropping. Or you want to watch a movie na jikoni ni masufuria tu zinapiga kelele. Or the mama wants to piga mshene while cooking na someone visiting (neighbor, rela, friend etc) coz I have noticed they love doing it in the kitchen. So no privacy. Na naona huku upmarket more houses are coming up with these open plan kitchens, though I think the motivation is to save on space and maximize returns and not necessarily what the market wants.

Where are the kitchen windows?

might not be a good idea, people willing to pay 40k+ might not be too willing to live above some kiosks

Looks ok but needs some modifications.
The accompanying 3D is not related to the plan. Attach the right one and we give comments.
I propose you separate the siting and the dining/kitchen. Many kenyans will avoid the open type of the kitchen.
There is enough space for the stair well so i would push it back sligtly…away from the units entrance. I would try avoid guys visiting units at a higher level from stepping at the entrance of the units they are passing. This will afford some kind of privacy.
I would change the entrance of the ground floor units. The entrance need not be next to a staircase.

it’s an open type of kitchen and hence depends on the siting room window… i would try to avoid this totally.