What do you guys think? Yes or nah?

It seems my training and skills as a marksman on hitman absolution and COD has not gone to waste!

Infact when we play on a networked game guys fear me and i get known as the black one. Its terrifying playing against me!

Haya ndio matokeo ya training yangu!

Not bad huh!

All hail Hessy wa ktalk

mbona unatukubusha chemia?orbitals

Haha i should have titled it that way

Hizo ni gani!?:confused::frowning:

Ni how much na wapi?

some shots are hitting the gate, of the training school

Pale langata road atleast 5k

You’re a terrible shot! How do expect to get children with such aim?

Tuliza meffi VE!

And this is from 5 meters away?

Ni wapi imeandikwa 5 metres:D:D:D? Nilikiwa karibu na mlango bana

Terrible. You are all over


Sailing Club, hapo nitapitia end month.

Ebu nipee details za hii place…I plan to go there in the very near future.


They are on langata road. Opposite carnivore. Na ukienda huko ulete evidence kama hii

@confused villager umecheki?

Grandmother nikukupata hapo utajua hujui.