What do you do when you send money to the wrong recipient (bank to m-pesa)

So today I transferred money to the wrong mpesa via mobile banking. I reported my case to my bank but unfortunately the money had already been withdrawn by the recepient. The bank then requested me to report the case to the authorities, of which the police said they can’t handle “online matters”.

Peasant detected. Kama ni pesa kidogo unaachana nayo.

Just consider it a donation to the less fortunate na usonge mbele na maisha. If it was Mpesa to a bank account, you would have had some hopes, but the inverse is irredeemably lost. Utazungushwa mpaka uchoke. Pole.

The police can charge the thief - there is a precedent set in courts. Insist on recovering the money to the police and make noise - that is, if the money is worth the trouble - kama ni 10k achana nayo

I suffered the same fate two days ago. Niliachana tu na wao.

Hiyo ni ile unasikia ikienda Kwa mganga haiwezi rudi

Usually banks like mine (Stanbic) have a disclaimer message there on the MPESA option that they are not liable for money sent to the wrong recipient.

Wewe pambana na hali yako.

Bank to MPESA reversal is usually tricky but not impossible due to the layers that banks go through when securing the reversal. The bank sends reversal instructions to the green behemoth after which now your fate lies in whether the recipient withdrew or not. Cut your losses


Nunua MIWANI ghaseer, uangalie namba vizuri kabla ya kubonyeza send. Mbwa