what do i do with her ???

Year 2012… while struggling and hustling to support my siblings i decide to take my young and only sister to college to study accounts… first year i was so impressed with her on seeing that my efforts to educate her weren’t going to waste after all… then second year…boooooommmm… she got paged. I was so mad and upset… and when i asked her who’s responsible, i got a shocker of a lifetime… ametiwa mimba na makanga wa stage… asked her twende akanionyeshe huyo jamaa akanishow haina haja coz theres nothing the fella cud do. He lived in his friends mabati shack. Took the responsibility of raising the kid until she graduates ,get a job and finaly move out to a place of her own…
Guess what… shes pregnant again by the same same loafer… and this time around its twins…

kwani what magic do these loafers use to bed a well educated woman surely… ? Yaani kuingizwa box na mtu hivi hivi … hayo maneno yao kwani yana asali kiasi gani ndio dame aingie box faster hivo ? 24yrs with 3kids is there any future surely ?? … mwenye kutaka mbisha aweke ya dadake kwanza…[ATTACH=full]6138[/ATTACH]

Those jamaas wana mdomo ingine i dont understand how they wekelea these chics. 5yrs ago,I have a pal who was ingishwad box like that and this was no 24yr old. This is a woman in her 30s, joboing, you could even call her an uptown mama. Some makanga wekelead DF.
i laughed but gave the guy heshima.

anyway, the chic can still manage to have a life even with 3 kids. its going to be hard as hell lakini anaweza toboa if she’s serious

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Good girl bad boy syndrome…


I support ol monk. You probably did the same to someone’s daughter/sister. kharma is real, just like the lady’s and makanga’s thirst.

Heshimu makanga

makanga ni wanoma sana, am sure in every estate they have impregnanted a girl or two that everyone thought was beyond them

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Two things,

  1. Daddy issues
  2. The guy gives her a sense of security and companionship! This sounds cliché but he speaks to her soul! Sometimes that’s all you need…

Muachilie wakaishi Na huyo makanga in the mabati shacks. If she had the guts to go and DF with the makanga the second time amekukosea heshima


Ati twins? [ATTACH=full]6145[/ATTACH]


Being the gay you are, you should be thankful she is taking in the manly responsibility of propagating you lineage of blondes … But seriously why are you letting the guy so easily off the hook? Mi naeza tafuta boy tumkalishe chini baada ya kumfinya makende na nimwambie amepata bibi… Free hata staki mahari. Then it will be up to me to decide if i will help her, from her place…
And lest we forget, mbicha hata kama ni ya pregnancy ama i vote this as a HOYA NOMINATION

Waah… Enyewe i feel for you. Sacrificing doo zako kuelimisha mtu badala ya kuwaste kwa quail ama hata kununua nayo ploti ruai. Huyo aliingizwa box atatoka when finally kila mtu atamkataa ndio ajue ni kubaya

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Seriously yawa amesema ni sister yake na si dem wake

@Dean Room 254 kuuliza tu. Amemaliza shule ama bado?

@ol monk … na @aviator… am in no mood for insults… so i’ll just ignore you two… this is my young sister am talking about… sacrifices i made… loans i took to educate her… it realy pains . Been taking care of her kid as my own… i had plans for her to go overseas to further her studies… wanted
the best for her…

Ana graduate august…

Enyewe that guy has himself a wife, peleka machana kwake wakaishi kama bibi na bwana.

Kuna mtu alisema hapa kabla mwanamke atombwe nyap anakuanga ashatombwa akili.
She spread her bed let her lay in it

As much as you might not want to accept, your sister has already made up her mind and taken principal steps towards starting and raising her family. Accept that and respect her decision. Have you considered the fact that she might be happy with her broke jamaa? Probably she’s using a different yardstick in her measure of success.

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Huyo makanga amekuzoea ,ataongeza mapacha zingine trust me.

This is a gay guy, replace daughter/sister with son/brother.
wacha waishi pamoja now that amemaliza shule

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