What Do All These Have in Common?

The Daily Nation.


The Prison Service.


Kivuitu. (RIP)

Safran Morpho.

Al Ghurair.

Local and International Observers.

Isaac Hassan.

The National Intelligence Service.

The Police.

Daniel Toroitich arap Moi.

The Directorate of Criminal Intelligence.

Safaricon and Bob Con.me.more


Uhuru Muigai Kenyarra.

Mwai Wa Kibaki.

Ezra Chiloba & 12 Others.


[I][B]ETC ETC ad nauseum.


Still to join the list:

The Red Cross.

Boy Scouts.

Gal Guides.

The Missionary Sisters of Our Lady of Africa.

Montessori Kindergarten.

The Hoes of Hurlingham.

FieldMarshal CouchP.

@Female Perspective.

Ciru wa pale SJ.

Etc etc

Wote ni bandia.

they are all hoes of kenya.

just because you’re used to corrupt practices doesn’t mean the rest of us will bend back and allow ineptitude people to run our country…

they all give jaguok sleepless nights

umesahau Kanjuu

How can you forget team mafisi? They had to abstain matters concerning coitus till 9th August 2017 as a directive from mganga mkuu.

Walipinga /Wameamua Rwnbp

so far, no correct answer.

Not forgetting Observers



:D:D:Dcannan buda jo

Teargas Addict. . :D:D:D

:D:Dbut after kuona wamama wakitoa nguo nilisema tano tena

They are all past or present members of the committee of experts working tirelessly to deny Raila the presidency.

Bomas of Kenya


Lions of Tsavo


When everyone is the problem, perhaps the problem is you.

Plus all international observers and the French Govt

when the problem is a pandemic then it has to be dealt with