What did women do to Ktalk Villagers?

I agree that women are not angels but why do people get pleasure on this forum from hitting women below the belt.Especially the Ntalami and Vera Sidika posts and I have once spoken to Sidika on social media,very nice,friendly chic. Sometimes we have to accept as men that we cannot control everything and everyone acts out of self interest.If you get to understand that,you will have closure and stop being angry at them.Lakini sijatetea kungurus etc

Ma alpha male wanaongea mbaya mbaya kumhusu and am sure vera akiwapanulia miguu hawata kataa.

Women did nothing but act out their true nature, which is to put down spineless men and gravitate toward the Adonises amongst us, one of whom is typing this from a well-scented cave.

Black Knights everywhere.



mpaka memes zako ni kuhusu tissue?

mpaka memes zako ni kuhusu tissue?

Kunguru ni kunguru tuuu…

hey, i’d love that…how did you do it?

Yeye ni alfa

ungeongeza na Omega:D:D

Kama unataka white-knighting in Ktalk you are in the wrong place fella… Vera Sidika na Ntalami washapata likes na DMs from white-knights pale instagram.

Ktalk isn’t the purview of white knights.

join the PDYYM and unleash your pain

Are you one of those thirsty guys who stalk dms za wakina Sidika?:D:D:D

:D:D hapo sawa hanaan ambassador

so discussion yako na vera ilienda aje? Ulifika bei ya samantha ama? Leka hekaya