What Country is This???

On one hand the judiciary is giving verdicts against the poll body one day to the election. On the other hand, the poll body is continuing to prepare for tomorrows election. there is a case to be heard and determined by the SC involving all presidential candidates, the poll body, its chairman, and 3 petitioners. How will the proceedings happen (only possible if each is given 10 minutes to make a submission). It was to start at 10 pm. Its already 11 and nothing is happening. The opposition will make a statement in a ground that Nairobi council says they have not booked. What country are we in?

A country infested by a certain RAT

Supreme court hearing cannot proceed for lack of quorum. Nani alikuwa ameona Hii ikihappen?

a bad infestation!¬

@FieldMarshal CouchP

The black plague was caused by a RAT

Thiiitima. State matters are life and death matters. The Executive finally wins

Fieldmarshal couch waru said this long tym ago ! why does maraga think he iS a god?

Reckless statement. Last it was cockroaches sasa ni RAT?

Tulia pale ---------------------------------------> na utayarishe kura