What could be a possible cause for this? Dagitare saidia?

For the past few days, I’ve been feeling so weak and fatigued all the time. Sometimes my hands are unable to perform simple tasks such as writing, washing… Holding a pen on a piece of paper, I’ll get exhausted and within, say, 2 minutes I’ll need to take a break.
On long ques I can’t stand for long… I’m not doing any strenuous job. What’s the problem?
[SIZE=16px]Moreover, at night I am accustomed to be in heavy clothing, lest I should shiver inside the house. When I shake hands with people, they are always shocked at how cold my palms feel. [/SIZE]
But except for only that, I’m in pretty good health. Appetite is slightly normal. Weight stands at 54.2kgs as for today, an improvement of 300 grams compared to last month’s value. But about body weight, not a big issue cause for sometime now, the value has been oscillating about 54.5Kgs, and has never exceeded 56.4.

@Luther12 an elder is too tired to fap. saidia lightweight.
@Female Perspective your services are also needed for this cold blooded, shivering, hungry 2 minute man


That’s not part of the problem

Go for a full body check up.
Refer to this hekaya. https://www.kenyatalk.com/index.php?threads/biopsy.50532/ weight was 60kg, waist size ya trouser was 30 na nilikua Naskia baridi kiajab despite living in 001

zinakaa signs za anemia

There are some trousers I bought in 2013, io size ya 30 and 29… Leo nazifungaga belt, otherwise zitaanguka. Sante for link

We Bwana Meria this hekaya has a really beautiful ending buana.

After my problem was diagnosed I shot upto 76 kg in 8 months, never been below 74 ever since but in 2011 i hit 92

Umesoma hadi part 5?

Nilifikisha pale mkaenda chemba na ka nurse…
Niko kichakani saii, Taru. Nanukisha kitunguu…Nikirudi 001 nitakutafuta. Pia @muria.mboco ako area?

Yuko around

54 kgs??? You are lighter than my water dispenser container.

Or hypothyroidism? Bottom line, @Illuminated nenda hospitali for a check up. Some things you should never be too busy to do.


  1. Dispenser container = Dispenser
  2. You’re also a dispenser since it is you who dispenses the water. How much do you weigh?

Bwana Sponsor, your comment is weighty!

Enyewe earlier this year I was not eligible to donate blood. But in 2015 I did

Low thyroid function
Heart failure
An autoimmune -itis, lupus or another rheumatologic disease?
Diabetes-type 1 or 2

What is hypothyroidism? Ni kitu serious? You see, I believe it’s better one dies than living uncomfortably on earth