What can you do with ksh.200k

So, ya’ll remember Vincent Omondi? The now former street urchin who picked up KSh 200,000 and returned the money to its rightful owner in March 2017?

Yes, I bet you do. Omondi once led a normal life, having worked as an IT expert at the giant Nakumatt Holdings having graduated from St Paul University with a degree in IT, that was until his life faced hardships that left him homeless and on the streets.

His mother died of cancer in 2008 and being put in a position to fend for his siblings left him in depression with a drug problem that cost him his job.

Vincent Omondi’s life changed from that of a street urchin after his selfless act saw an owner receive his money back.
But on one fateful day, he picked up an envelope full of money that a man had dropped while walking along Kimathi Street towards Kenyatta Avenue to bank the money.

He followed the man all the way to the bank and handed back the money without asking for anything in return, thus sparking changes in his life.

Social media campaigns were started to ‘fix’ his life. He was taken off the streets, clothed and fed as he prepared to enter rehabilitation.

He’s back now, in great shape and with a request we bet many won’t deny him.

Taking to social media, Omondi, alias Vince Dancer, updated his social media friends with progress of his rehabilitation as he asked for help to find permanent employment.

“Hi guys, it’s me Vinny aka Don who returned KSh 200,000 4 months ago. I know up to now i still say the Lord has his miraculous ways of working so I chose rehab for treatment first. So now it’s back to the real world. Recovery is a process and believe me (this is) the hardest process I’ve ever gone through but I pray that God continues standing by me and I want to thank all my social media fans,

"If now I only had a permanent job or at least something to give me (money for) rent, fare and food; clothing will come in time but I thank you all and hope for your continued support I LOVE YOU all and May God Bless you,” wrote Vince on Tuesday, August 22.


naeza enda nayo mambatha.


pangu ata Mimi ningezipata ningepatia mwenyewe tu lakini ninyamaze.

I ain gone be wishing him bad but i wouldn’t advice him accessing his social media for now…like lowkey avoid it completely…social media can create unnecessary pressure…


Nalipa HELB nimalizane na hizo nugu mapema


Uncle huwezi fikiria kubuy years supply ya soap alafu ujenge bath tub uoge kwanza!!


@Etigere ni nini kulingana na mutokako? There is a rodent called thegere in Greek. Its identified by its itna kuhunyuka.

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Bro, hio sijui unless i call my bro @Eng’iti to shed some light

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omisioyu nkokorama are…


Ni ile mnyama pale kwa the gods must be crazy inaumaga kiatu inakataa nayo, otherwise known as the honey badger


@Born Tao hakuna kitu kama hio kwetu, and desist from likening my handle to your lingo.


Nope, that’s not it.


Very similar to thegere. Greeks say it has a kuhunyuka anus because of how it farts to chase away bees from the hives.

Are you not gakii?

Wtf is that?

Ekeza kwenye mchuano wa kombe la bara uropa kati ya Bayern Munich na Arsenali. Hakika ukiekeza kwa Bayern, utapata maradufu!

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Ikinyamba kwa mzinga nyuki huzirai.


Ati @Etigere = thegere otherwise known as honey badger as shown in Gods Must Be Crazy… :D:D:D:D:D