What business to start

Guys I’ve been offered 100k, fixed and I’m thinking of a business to start but none is clicking… Assist with ideas…

if you don’t have any idea at the moment, don’t start, maybe nunua bonds.

But I have to provide a business plan

Depends if you want to move around as main hustle or you want it as side hustle with limited movement

I can give you three businesses I tried with 90% success rate


Hiyo ni pesa ya kuanzisha mutura, smokies and eggs business.

Sema…you might help a villager.

Go to Eastleigh and buy shoes… Sell online

Sell shoes. Especially casuals and crocs. Thank me later

If none is ticking, wachana na story ya biz. Otherwise, hiyo pesa ni kodogo bado.

Yeah that’s the problem I have

Side hustle, ziseme tu villager asaidike

fungua wines mushatha kwenu

Basi wacha story ya biz, jibambe na hiyo dough msee. Ama you take your time and do a thorough research on what you want. DO NOT BE IN A RUSH.

Side hustle sina…I have full time bizna
Some years ago I did these bizna na ilishika sana…I still have contacts za suppliers
1.onion busines
Tafuta kibanda strategic place and buy onions worth 50k…strictly tanzanian onions from marikiti…Neti kubwa usually goes 1800_2300(45kgs)…unauza 80per kg retail.profit per kg 30bob.I can assure you utauza more than 30kgs per day…1k unapata bila stress
2.agrovet bizna
Tafuta fast moving agrovet drugs like albendazole…cut off suppliers and middle men and go directly to manufacturers…In my case nilikuwa nauza albendazole nachukua Industrial area…napeleka upcountry like nakuru…these big suppliers want a lot of profit ,wewe ukiweka per piece just 20bob,carton has 20 pcs…profit per carton 400…unaweza uza 200cartons in a month with such low price…profit 80k in a month
3.cereal bizna
This one you can do it hata as a side hustle
But it’s better you have more money…like 300k
Tafuta fast moving cereals like kamande and njahi or kunde
Nunua when they are in season when the prices are very low…its even better you buy from the farmer…tafuta cheap store kama ya 3k a month…wait for three months…bei itapanda mpaka utashangaa…njahi right now is retailing 12k…July ilikuwa 4k…I know of guys who own godowns wanatengeza pesa saaaana…someone just works 2 months in a year but makes more money that you can work in years:D

Nothing is guaranteed in business…its all about taking risks…what works for someone might not work for you

For personal use can I get better deals than tao? Sneakers are 3500-4500 boots even more from stalls

Yes… much better!


Thank you for sharing