When I became a believer, I knew this was the best thing to have happened to me and looking back it still is. However I used to think being a Christian was about being the good guy. In time I discovered the opposite! A believer even in a ‘Christian’ nation like Kenya is often the ’ bad’ guy.

I thought Christian is being in a playground,all the evil is at bay, you can enjoy life while your guardian Angel watches over you. In time I have realized true Christianity in a world governed by the Prince of Darkness is a war. A war where doing the right and good things makes you enemies and even an outcast.

Looking at the life of Jesus our Lord and Master, we see Him become an enemy of the religious and political institutions. Yet He did nothing but good. The Bible says, a servant can not be greater than their master. So if Jesus was persecuted so must all who follow and worship Him as their God and role model.

This is one of the bitterest pill to swallow as a believer.Why? Because compromise and deception and corruption is a huge normalized part of not just living but thriving in a fallen world.No rewards here for doing the right thing,if anything no good deed goes unpunished. For you to do well in schools you must bribe or sleep with lecturers.For you to get jobs,promotions and business,you must bribe or sleep with bosses.For you to get rich you must embezzle funds.And when you wont it will not elicit applause and respect from worldly people. Only suspicion and backlash.

As a Christian, disappointments and isolation have had to become a normal part of my life. Ive fallen out with friends,family,collegues basically everyone who expects me to do unethical things as a means to a good end and see nothing wrong with doing wrong to get to a good end.

I must always remind myself that Jesus is the most important Person in my life. I must remember Jesus words, nobody is fit for My kingdom who luvs their father and mother more than Me.And to remind myself that for everything I lose for the sake of the kingdom I will be repaid by no less than God Himself!

Christianity isnt for perfect people but its not for weak people either. As the Bible says,though the righteous man falls seven times, he shall get up every time. What this means is that you’re not immune to sin, you will sin even if you are Christian! But then your life in general must make a clear statement for Jesus. Your family and workmates must know what you stand for. You must stand out as a principled person.You must tell even your own parents, I can’t do what you want because I am a Christian. Am not saying its easy.But then when you enlisted to be in a war against no less than Satan what did you expect. Suffering is part of Christianity. That is something rarely preached in pulpits today! Only prosperity gospels! But was Jesus life comfortable? Why would you expect yours to be? Jesus said if they persecuted Me they will persecute you,for a servant is not greater than his Master! Yet we have victory in Jesus.For He has overcome the world! So shall we who live for Him.

Glory to Jesus -The King of Kings and Lord of Lords

2 Timothy 3:12

Indeed, all who desire to live a godly life in Christ Jesus will be persecuted

Elsewhere, 72 Virgins await me.

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Christianity/religion is the enemy of women. Women should be the last people to want to be Christians.

George makena chronicles chapter six

Even Jesus was anti religion so you’re prolly right

Women are gullible.