What are your weird Passtimes and hobbies KTalkers?

@msalame grace today confessed that she has a weird hobby on Trains and everything related to trains.
Mimi i have a thing for history and specifically Castles and i have visited countless Castles in England,Ireland and Europe. I also like old church buildings and reading the tomb stones on the old graveyards. The most beautiful place i have ever visited was Glendalough in Ireland. There are buildings dating back to the days of St. Patrick and it remains largely untouched. It is the most beatiful place i have ever been on planet earth.


What are your weirdest hobbies and passtimes @KTalkers?


I like astronomy ever since i was a little kid, photography… i bought my first camera when i was in primary school after saving some money for a while, also gambling and also i have an obsession for guns although i dont own one yet…

I am always fascinated by what is out there beyond our earth; mars and other planets, the milky way and other galaxies. I have these feeling that out there there are some super intelligence aliens who are watching the earth. Question is what are they seeing? Us or the dinosaurso_O. Coz us we can only see their world as it were, millions of years ago.
I look out for any documentary or breaking news that may shed a light…any light to what’s really out there and how advanced are they??

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My hobby is photography. Still saving up to get a semi-professional DSLR camera. I also read and collect comics…Calvin & Hobbes, Asterix, marvel and DC comics…I am also a movie buff…

I love collecting any antiques and i am always intrigued by what it was like to have lived in that time so many years ago. I have a serious collection of Vinyls and L.Ps and i have now started on collecting Casseettes and rare C.Ds. If i come across any comics in any auctions or car boot sales nitakustua.


cheers mzee

Mimi ni cars. Supercars to be precise. I still have have my Facebook account mainly coz of this; just to follow up on the latest trends, what’s hot and the latest super car events.

Nangoja kuskia ya @uweskamaa:smiley:
By the way @Ka-Buda did you meet any mbugua or mundu wa nyumba in casablanca?

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Mine is reading, researching abt how people manage to control others. In politics, institutions, business, personal relationships etc.

Mimi nyanya alikuwa anapenda pipe sana, considering that ebirandi ninche aeete , I collect pipes from various cities I visit. 27 pipes thus far… I also have a ‘collection’ of succulent plants in the house, 5 in this one[ATTACH=full]7410[/ATTACH] [ATTACH=full]7411[/ATTACH] [ATTACH=full]7411[/ATTACH] .


Travelling, I have been to st. Lucia and funny enough I met a kenyan there

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Ya @uweskamau obviously involves sex.
I have a feeling ndiye huyu anauza hizi vitu za “nyeti protection”


Sikukaa Morrocco ata a full day,i unloaded at the port and was out in less than a day. Labda next time.


Collecting rare pepes

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Reading historical romances n researching on make up n lipsticks …i have made up atleast two bridal teams as a hobby.


Gardening. I like watching plants flourish.

reading (Wilbur Smith-like adventures, Technothrillers, Conspiracies (Clancy, Ludlum); sleeping;more reading/netwandering where links lead…

For me, anything about music always has me intrigued and captivated ever since I was a baby (so my grandma tells me). As part of my self actualization I intend to train as a DJ. For real.

One time nikiwa campo, 2nd year I think, there was a function in Main. Mimi huyo natoka hapo Hall 2, nateremka kwa stairs between the swimming pool and mess, intending to go to Chiromo. Then, just as I turn left kuelekea huko, I’m hit by this blast of music and voila, I spot the DJ doing his thing. I must’ve stood there transfixed for almost ten minutes just staring at his prowess on the decks.


I find myself drawn to anything that involves psychology, basically im intrigued when i’m watching or reading about events that shaped a person’s charracter.
I’ve watched literally every documentary about serial killers and others about charismatic leaders who shapped the way people did things in some way.

i read biograhies of great people there history and stuff. most of the people i admire were assasinated. i wish i was born in 1880